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Republic of Men by Banana Republic


If you’re in the media business, September is one of THE most important months of the year. TV show’s premiere, magazines go all out and cosmetic companies launch new products. If you’re a fragrance lover, it can be quite an exciting time as well.

A new fragrance worth checking out is Banana Republic’s Republic of Men. It is the embodiment of sophisticated masculinity. Sparkling clementine mingles with wet plum and dewy fig leaf. A modern aromatic ensemble of sambac, rosemary, basil, sage and freshly crushed hazlenut comprises the scent’s inviting heart, while the lasting signature of the fragrance lies in unique bottom notes of fresh sandalwood, cedarwood and creamy skin musks.

Republic of Men Eau Toilette is $45 (1.7fl. oz/50ml). I love the size. It’s a definite “must have” for your fall gym bag. You can find this gem exclusively at Banana Republic stores nationwide beginning September 2009.



Dear John by BNever


Prior to the death of my beloved brother Lamont, my lady was planning the trip of her life. She was scheduled to visit Istanbul, Mykonos, Santorini and Athens. Two weeks before her departure, she turned to me and said, “Please wear your New York Giants RetroSport t-shirt every night until I leave. I want to take it with me so I can smell it and remember you.” Naturally that was an “awwww” moment, but it exhibits the power of scent and its emotional connection.

According to the website “How Stuff Works,” When you first smell a new scent, you link it to an event, a person, a thing or even a moment. Your brain forges a link between the smell and a memory… When you encounter the smell again, the link is already there, ready to elicit a memory or a mood.”

Well, its THAT smell which takes you back to how masculine dad used to smell that is behind B Never’s Dear John. What a time capsule of a gem this fragrance is. For me it elicits memories of my dad’s work shirt hanging on the door knob with the scent of Obsession running all through it, the smell of Noxzema and the water running in the bathroom and me asking him, “daddy what are you doing” and he replying, “I’m shaving.” It reminds me of a time when he wasn’t so gray and using Vitalis and hearing that key in the door and running with enthusiasm to greet him.

Some may say, “Why would you want to smell like your dad?” My reply, there’s a beauty in wanting to emulate my hero.” But there’s more to this scent than that, it’s a pleasant throwback. As the literature that accompanied the scent says, “Dear John is a perfumery portrait of a man and the security, trust and love that he brings with his presence.” Now, why wouldn’t you want to smell like that?


A Fresh Find for In-Between Weather

As the temperature falls, the fragrance industry loves to push spicier scents. This is because they convey a warm feeling that makes you feel good. But I say, not so fast. Either summer is extending itself, fall is delaying its beginning or there’s something to this global warming thing. In this instance you need something that compliments this in-between weather. Something equal parts crisp as it is warm and fuzzy, that my friends would be Fresh’s Patchouli Pure.

I discovered this great find a few weeks ago while browsing around Union Square on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My lady and I stumbled into Fresh and all hell broke lose. (If you go by there, ask for Jacob and he’ll take good care of you) What I like about Patchouli Pure is that it possesses a vibrancy you usually find in summer scents but it warms nicely on your skin. Top notes, middle notes, and bottom notes aside, it possess a woody texture for all you “can you recommend something woody” types. However, this modern interpretation presents another masculine scent that doesn’t beat you over the head in a “mustang” kind of way. I’m just glad they bought it back after its two year hiatus. Maybe one day soon, they’ll reintroduce my all time favorite, Sandalwood Vert.