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Vert 9 – Au Natural


Have you ever heard of Therapeutate? I hadn’t until fairly recently. Founded by Rodney Hughes, Theraputate is a manufacturer of Essential Oils and Parfum au Natural. They use raw materials that are pure and certified organic and their goal is to develop and market personal care products that are more than objects of fashion. They are also free of chemicals and other adulterations commonly found in most fragrances and their products also aid in the support of small farmers and manufacturers around the globe who are interested in bringing quality products to market.

One of my favorite fragrances from their collection is Vert 9. For a scent that is
very masculine and earthy, it’s also very bright and energetic. It opens very grassy and refreshing and over time after nestling into the skin becomes woody. Rodney says when he created it, he wanted to capture a true earth feeling. Some of the developing notes include galbanum, citrus, cardamom and a layering of woods.

I find myself wearing Vert 9 on the weekends, which is when I can finally take a break from the craziness I experienced during the week and often, leaves me rundown. It’s very clarifying and uplifting and I love how grounded it makes me feel while enhancing my natural aura. For that reason, its been receiving heavy rotation and will continue to do so throughout the spring and summer.

Vert 9 by Therapeutate – .5 oz $27.50



Maintain the Freshness

The last few days in New York City have been brutal. We wake up and its damn near 80 degrees. We jump in the shower to start the day off fresh and before we head out, we need to take another. That is the way it goes in the summer, unless you miraculously spend your every waking moment under an AC, in which case you’re a luck son of … However, for most of us, we do everything in our power to beat the heat. We drop the dark wintery colors for lighter tones, textures become more breathable, and we keep our bodies hydrated are just a few that come to mind. I know for me, as a young boy growing up, my father once told me, “never let them see you sweat” and he went on to instruct me to wear an undershirt, even in the summer. It may seem counterintuitive when the birthday suit is seeming like its the best option but it keeps your look fresh. Have you ever seen a man who has it all together but then you notice that unattractive sweat mark on his back in the shape of Texas, or the huge underarm ring? It just ruins it. Yeah we all sweat but do we have to see it?

If you plan on maintaining your “freshness” this summer, I have two more tips for you:

1 – Eau D’Italie’s, Paestum Rose
2- Reverie au Jardin by Andy Tauer

I discovered these two gems one Sunday at Aedes de Venustas. After smelling them, I couldn’t make my mind up so I bought both. They encompass just what you want in a summer fragrance, something fresh but not in the usual suspect way. After wearing both for sometime now, I’ve developed a wearing method which highlights their differences.

For those moderate summer days, early 80’s-ish, I’ve found that I wear Reverie au Jardin. On the Tauer Perfumes website, it’s described as, “A Classical Fragrance, twinkling like a star, caresses your journey, through green lands.” I finds it’s very well-balanced and both fresh notes and spicy/woody notes come through, and that’s what attracted me to it. As your body’s temperature rises, woody notes come out just a tad bit more but those fresh/green notes, most notably Lavender, are right there to keep it in check. Overall, it comes across as a clean, sweat, woody composition – just what you need to fight the funk.

For those scorchers, when the feeling of anything touching your skin is too much, try a kiss of Paestum Rose. It starts off peppery and it should considering some of the notes include black and pink pepper. But it’s the dry down that really sells it. I liken it’s appeal to a cold shower after a long sweaty day. There’s an initial shock but then comes the ahhh factor. It hugs the skin nicely and as your temperature rises, you receive an airy rosey reminder. It doesn’t have the sweaty factor that I like about Le Labo’s Rose 31 but its just as potent. There’s some woody notes in there for those that need them but they’re masked well and the presentation isn’t overly manly…its right in the middle, hence the unisex billing.

If you can’t escape the heat, don’t lose your swagger. Maintain your freshness with these two scents.