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A Primal Musc


Back in April when I was in Paris and visited Frederic Malle’s Edition de Pafum store, I left with a few samples. One of them happened to be Musc Ravageur. I remember immediately taking a liking to it, but Une Fleur de Cassie was ultimately what I purchased.

Yesterday as I was getting myself together, I was going through my collection and came across this sample and decided to finally give it a try. I was instantly reminded of why I like this scent. Maybe its the name or maybe its the scent combination itself but its initial reaction conjures something primal. There is a dirtiness to it that reminds me of my initial impression of Le Labo’s Rose 31. But its also sweet and cozy. I’ll chalk that up to the tangerine and cinnamon notes. As it settles on my skin, I get hints of chocolate, the dark kind.

What gets me the most about Musc Ravageur is how different it is. This won’t be a scent for everyone but if you truly like standing out, give this a try. Like I said in a previous post, its ok to sample. It allows you to try something with no monetary risk. That said, now that this is something I feel good about, I will be running over to Barney’s to get myself a proper sized bottle of this naughty little scent.


A very fragrant Frederic Malle experience

Life has a weird way of bringing things into fruition. Some years ago, I read an article about Frederic Malle and one of his boutiques which housed a very unique smelling system. In a nutshell you put your face up to this metallic funnel looking thing and a mist of a scent is released….how cool is that? When I read that I remember saying to myself, I must experience that one day. On Weds after a day of
sightseeing, I stopped by the 140 Avenue Victor Hugo location just so I could experience it…and what a pleasurable visit it was.

Once you enter the shop, you can’t help but stare at the wall of scents and school science project looking contraption that releases a fragrant mist. It is unlike anything you have experienced. As with most of my visits to shops in Paris, I feared my communication with the salesperson was a roll of the dice. But this was to be a great day as not only did Claire speak enough English to communicate with me, we danced as we realized we had a common passion for the power of fragrance.

After the usual questions of trying to figure out my taste and offering a few scents for me to smell, I gravitated to Une Fleur De Cassie. I told Claire that like Le Labo’s Rose 31 and Serge Luten’s Santal Blanc, there is a dirty/sweatiness at the bottom of this scent that’s grabbing me. I explained how with Rose 31, I found myself a bit perplexed because before smelling that, I never experienced a scent that tripped me up…I mean who would dare combine something that would somehow make you think of sweat. In trying to find the words to communicate this, which bought a smile to Claire’s face (I guess I was onto something) she began telling me its just that sort of thinking that’s behind the Editions De Parfums collection. I won’t fully retell the story hear as you can read it on their website but the bio for the creator of Une Fluer De Cassie, Dominique Ropion says he is “…on a quest to create new, harmonious scents by pairing ingredients that are polar opposites.” I can really appreciate that and I believe that’s why Claire offered this to me. I can’t remember if she mentioned this as one of their best sellers but a very chicly dressed French woman came in while I was there and asked for it by name with no hesitation.

This is not for everyone and it’s defies the conventional scents being marketed to men. Its out there and I love that. If you’re inclined to try it, know that it starts off pungent but settles into your skin for a hint of fragrance. Spray and walk away. Don’t listen to the first reaction, let it settle. It’s just the right amount of good and bad to tickle and tease.

Image courtesy of www.editionsdeparfums.com