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In the beginning there was Aramis, Tuscany and Polo…at least for me that is


As far back as I can remember, I used to go into my father’s bedroom and smell his bottles of Aramis, Tuscanny, Stetson, Grey Flannel and Polo. While he never wore them, at that age I was intrigued by their distinct smells and packaging. As I got older, say Junior High school and my early high school years, I began wearing Joop, Cool Water, and CK One. They were quite popular then. But in 1994 while working at Saks Fifth Avenue, Jean Paul Gaultier made an in store appearance promoting his new perfume and I remember getting a whiff of it and thinking to myself, this is amazing…what interesting notes. Although it was for women, I wondered why I couldn’t find anything as interesting for men. From that point I was addicted to the power of fragrance. That said, I present this blog, Fragrant Moments. I hope what I present here you find useful. I’m not a scientist or a critic. I simply love fragrances and their possibility. I love fragrances with interesting notes, i.e. Comme de Garcons Odeur 71 which has notes of photocopy toner, dust of a lightbulb, electric toaster and ink. That might sound weird but its unlike anything you’ve ever come across. (I own this one and love it )

There’s some great stuff out there gents…you just have to be willing to explore and take a chance.