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Face time with Lierac Homme’s Nettoyant Purifant

Now that Memorial Day is behind us, warmer days are ahead. It also means we’ll be outdoors longer enjoying the great weather. That extra perspiration and exposure to the grime of air pollutants will wreak havoc on our skin. For one, the extra oil that our skin releases can clog our pores. Combine that with a day’s worth of dirt build-up and it means we’d be foolish to not be more diligent about taking care of our face. Continue reading

An Unforgettable Experience at Martial Vivot compliments of Caron Paris

As a young man growing up, I longed for the day I could be like my dad and shave. He did it. He was (and still is) my hero. And it would mean I’m a man too. But before I even had peach fuzz, dad told me, “never put a razor on our face.” His reasoning, the hair would grow back quicker and thicker. That said, for years I avoided straight shaves. Instead, I would use an Andis Outliner II, which my barbers used to line me up and would finish me off by giving me a shave with it as well. And years later, I started using an electric shaver dad gave me, a Remington MicroScreen 2 for a closer finish. Both do the trick just fine. That is until my wife kept saying, “babe you missed a few hairs” and “I wish you’d get rid of that thing (the Remington) and get something else. In my head I always reply, “This baby works just fine.” But when an opportunity to experience my first straight shave came my way, care of Caron Paris, I decided to give it a try. Continue reading