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Speed Stick Under Armour


Here in New York City, we seem to be fighting with summer. All this rain is making me wonder if it will ever truly be summer as we have become accustomed to knowing it. However, a few hot days have snuck up on us in between the rainy overcast days. With that I’m reminded that hot and sweaty crowded trains during the summer can be torture.

When our temperature rises, our bodies naturally sweat to cool us down. That’s basic science right there. But some of us suffer from excessive wetness or sensitive under arms or maybe a combination of both…YIKES. Well Speed Stick Pro is what you need to add to the daily grooming routine.

Speed Stick Pro is a first-of-its-kind line of breakthrough antiperspirant deodorants that provides customized underarm protection for the most common underarm conditions such as sensitive skin (Pro Skin), extra wetness (Pro Extra Dry) and providing a clean glide through hair (Pro Clean) – Halleluiah to the last one. I’ve been wearing them for a bit now and what I like most, their scents don’t compete with my fragrance of the day.

Go out, get it and protect yourself.