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The Scent Of Comfort

A few years ago before a long trip overseas, my wife asked me give her a shirt that I previously wore so she could take it with her. She wanted to sleep with it while we were apart. At the heart of her request is what science and myriad studies have shown, there’s a link between scent and emotion. In this instance, my scent would enhance my wife’s mood.  I experienced this very same thing as a child when my dad came home and hung his work shirt on the doorknob. As I ran past it, I could smell the powder he wore. If you put a blind fold over my eyes now and put a scent strip with that smell to my nose, I’d instantly think of him and that French blue shirt hanging in the hallway.

Today, as part of a special series of group posts with my cohorts, Eyeliner on a Cat, Olfactoria’s Travels, Persolaise, and Candy Perfume Boywe’re talking about mood enhancing perfumes. I’ve gone about this a bit differently than the others but here are a few of my fragrant moments that bring me comfort. 

Scents of Comfort

A few days ago, I inherited the safety razor I watched my dad shave with as I was growing up. If you’re following me on Instagram, you know safety razors are my latest obsession. When I look at the one my dad just gave me, thoughts of him prepping to shave in his Hanes V-neck t-shirt and the scent of Noxzema and Obsession, which filled the bathroom, come rushing to mind. Those scents will forever hold a special place in my heart. It’s one of the reasons why I love the scents Dear John (formally by B Never now by Lush) and Sartorial by Penhaligon’s. The masculine appeal of both scents remind me of my dad and some of the other men in my family and wearing them brings me instant comfort.

LP No 9

Another scent that I would characterize as traditional is Penhaligon’s LP No. 9 and it brings me both comfort and sadness as it reminds me of my beloved brother Lamont, who is no longer with us. I gave him that fragrance years ago and although he owned others, he never got rid of it. On the day he passed away, I walked into his room and as the magnitude of my new reality was setting in, it was the first thing I gravitated to. I now have it in my possession and will forever. I wear it from time to time and sometimes I just smell the nozzle and think of him.

Smokin a stoggie

If there’s one thing I really enjoy, it’s a good cigar. It truly is a relaxing experience that’s enhanced by aroma and taste. The scent of tobacco, hints of coffee and chocolate sprinkled with some pepper and bourbon and we’ve got ourselves a good smoke. That could also read as a cologne, which brings to mind one of my favorite tobacco based scents, Thierry Mugler’s A Men Pure Havane. It’s centered around the art of making fine Cuban Cigars and it’s good. This cigar talk is prompting my desire for a good smoke. Catch me on Foursquare and see where I check-in tonight.

Eliana's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Marcel Proust is a critically acclaimed French novelist. In his book, In Remembrance of Things Past, Proust recalls involuntary memories brought on by smell, taste and sound. In one particular episode, Proust recalls eating a madeleine cake and drinking tea. The scent of the cake ushers in a flood of memories from his childhood. That must be the reason why my wife’s homemade chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite treats. I’m a big kid when those bad boys are in the oven. The scent of the sugar, butter and chocolate forces me to pace around the house asking, “Are they done yet.”

This was a light-hearted look at how my mood is enhanced by scent. My brother always told me I smell everything. He was right and my life is better for it. Be sure to check out Eyeliner on a Cat, Olfactoria’s Travels, Persolaise, and Candy Perfume Boy to see what scents enhance their mood.


The Dynamic Duo of Mulberry St.

Meet Shane & Shawn

I was recently invited to attend a “Gentlemen’s Night” at the Mulberry street store for the dynamic shoe designing duo Shane & Shawn. It was a great event, the drinks were flowing and they even had a pool table in the store. I managed to get in a word with the very down to earth twosome and we chatted for a bit about “guy” stuff but I managed to get some fragrance questions in there.

After downing a few drinks, I went into the restroom, which was nicely laid out for a retail store and noticed a bottle of Marc Jacobs Ivy. Is it to be used for air freshener or to freshen up?

The Marc Jacobs is to freshen up! It’s a pine smelling cologne, so, it’s good for work/day. Also, the bottle matches the decor, and adds to the atmosphere.

Any plans to develop your own fragrance?

Not in the next year, but, when the time is right, and with the right partner, we are definitely looking to get into it. It is a part of our business plan. It will be a very sexy scent that transitions from the office to play, just like our shoes.

What fragrance are you currently wearing? Why?

Dolce&Gabbana. I am on the road a lot and this is the fragrance I have that lasts the longest..Very potent and manly.

Do you have a “go-to” fragrance? If so, what is it?

Yes! Jean Paul Gaultier.

How often to you purchase a new one?

I have a lot, so, only when I need a refill, or my girlfriend likes something, and I’ll jump on it. As long as she has another reason to cling to me, I am good!

When you’re on the hunt, what do you look for?

I like smooth/soft/sexy scents…Like the old school Obsession.

How would you finish this statement, “my most memorable fragrant moment would be..?

Obsession! I became a a MAN in high school when I began to wear this. Really, It was my first time ever having a women complement me in a way where it broke the ice…’you smell soooo good Shawn’.
After that, it was easy to meet girls.

Its so nice when the ice is broken for you…