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Fragrant Moments blogger, Barney Bishop featured on Yahoo Beauty

Earlier this week, Yahoo’s Beauty site featured a story about male bloggers that write about men’s grooming and I was honored to be amongst the other seven gentlemen featured. About me, the writer Christina Valhouli said, “His blog posts are eloquent and elegant…” That touched me.

Thank you Christina. Thank you Yahoo.


Taylor of Old Bond Street Review for Customshaving.com


While life has been extremely hectic as of late, I’m never to busy to shave. I might rush every now and then but I always manage to give my grooming regimen the time it deserves.
My latest review for customshaving.com had me trying out Taylor of Old Bond Street. These guys have been around and thriving since 1854 for a reason.  An exceptional shave is achieved with quality products. Read my review here.

Wordless Wednesdays



Wordless Wednesdays



Wordless Wednesday

Prospect Park New Years Fireworks


Wordless Wednesdays

Christmas Sky

Where Did Summer Go?

Enjoying Summer

Last week as I was making my way home, I was surprised by the darkness that had fallen over Gotham. When I took a glance at the time, melancholy quickly set in as it hit me, summer was over. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at one time or another and it’s always followed up by one question, “where did summer go?” Well, this year I can look back at my summer thanks to Samsung’s NX300 Smart Camera.


Back in May, I was selected to be a part of a collective of individuals, nationwide, given an opportunity to use the NX300. The program called for an orientation on how to use the camera and weekly submission of photos. It seemed easy enough but the group included some really talented photographers and it became a challenge just to swim in their waters.

The timing on this program couldn’t have been more perfect as the orientation took place a few days before my wife and I flew to Samana, Dominican Republic for the first stop of our 10 day DR tour. Like a kid in a candy factory I played with this camera instead of packing. Shortly after take off, I took it out and began playing with it some more. The shooting modes, filters, and tricks seemed endless. The fact that it has Wi-Fi and can fire off photos straight from the camera excited me. When I found out it had its own app, however, I was sold. I couldn’t wait to get my summer started, especially now that I had this handy companion.

Samana DR

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember seeing my pictures from DR, some of which were taken with the NX300 camera. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some pretty amazing places but Samana ranks up there as one of the most breathtaking. Located in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic, it feels like you’ve stumbled upon the island’s best-kept secret. The beaches were gorgeous, the weather was spectacular and the food was mind-numbing good. Quite a few times we went to the beach and ordered fish that was caught that morning for lunch. The scent of the salt in the air along with the aroma of authentic Dominican food created its own fragrant moment for me.


For my fourth wedding anniversary, my wife and I decided we would do something we’ve always wanted to do, visit a winery. Luckily for us, we’re just two hours away from Mattituck, NY, home to a plethora of vineyards. We stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast on the Shinn Estate Vineyard. It’s rustic chic décor, friendly staff and delectable selection of organic wine made our stay thoroughly enjoyable. On a self-guided tour of the vineyard, we learned quite a bit about the Shinn’s farming philosophy, which boosted the vineyards appeal. And for two days, we bounced around from vineyard to vineyard tasting locally produced wine. For a short trip, it was the sweetest two days of summer 2013.

Summer 2013 Moments

In between these two occasions, I managed to spend some time with the boys, get in a few beach days, catch the fireworks at Coney Island, which has become a tradition, and put back more beers than I care to recall. As for the NX300, I can’t sing its praises enough. It shoots HD video, the display screen is so sharp it’s like a mini flat screen TV, and its smaller than DSLR’s but improves on image quality. I love its retro aesthetic and the fact that for its size, it has a collection of interchangeable lenses. The NX300 allows you to take a photo, edit it right on the camera and then use Wi-Fi to send it to love ones. I’d say that’s capturing the meaning of being social today very well. Many of the reviews I’ve read about the camera have been positive and only serves to validate my own feelings.

Summer 2013 was short but sweet and I’m glad I captured its precious moments. As kids, we live for the summer and as adults, we become so inundated by living life, that it flies by and becomes a blur. I’m thankful for having this opportunity because it forced me to look at my summer in HD and it was pretty awesome.


Wordless Wednesdays



Wordless Wednesdays

Madison Square Park Public Art

My Journey to Mustique


A few weeks ago, worlds collided as I had the opportunity to sit in on a custom fragrance workshop that was given by Sue Phillips. Sue is a respected member of the fragrance industry having developed and launched fragrances for Tiffanys, Burberry and Trish McEvoy, to name a few. About a year and a half ago when I started my graduate capstone paper on scent marketing, I reached out to Sue for her expert opinion on this topic and she graciously obliged my request. Thus, the chance to sit in on one of her classes had a bit more meaning for me.

Going into the class, I didn’t have any expectations. Perhaps that was life’s distractions or because I’ve done something similar in the past. The class, however, was great. Participants kicked things off by learning about various scent families and answering a questionnaire to determine their scent preference. Then, blotters that were dipped in Sue’s beautifully developed scent accords were passed around for all to smell. Those you liked, you took note of and those you didn’t like, you discarded. Before you knew it, right under your nose was the building blocks of your very own fragrance.

Scent is an extremely powerful part of who we are, whether we know it or not, and it was really interesting to see how various members of the group reacted to the notes they smelled. The same note could and often produced very different reactions, e.g., one particular note that I found to be medicinal, someone else found it powdery. These stark contrasts are what I find so beautiful about our sense of smell. Our childhood and various moments in life come gushing into our minds at the whiff of a note and those visceral reactions determine a lot about how that very moment plays itself out.

For this class, I challenged myself to go against what my impulses would have me do. The last time I did such a thing, the scent came out really heavy and it’s good for wearing in the winter. If memory serves me correctly, I was having a love affair with cumin at the time and that heavily influenced my choices. This time around, NYC was experiencing a weeklong heat wave and I think that had a lot to do with how this fragrance starts out. I’m not the biggest floral fan but I was determined to go against my gut feeling and my scent opens with a floral burst of rose. To me, it’s a sharp rose and reminds me of grade school. I don’t know if it was the lunch lady or a teacher who wore rose but that opening takes me there. But like any good scent, its change is dramatic.

The middle of this creation is where the magic lies for me. The scent takes on a traditional masculine feel where violet and cognac become the stars. This makes sense because I’ve been having a traditional moment. It started with Sartorial and continued with Aventus, Royal Vintage and a few others. The first time I wore my scent, I was pleasantly shocked at how it turned and that aha moment sealed the deal for me. The dry down gets better revealing sandalwood and patchouli. Overall, this scent is sly and I couldn’t be happier about that. As one of my female classmates put it, “it smells like a man and it only gets better with time.” Yep, I’ll take that.

As I excitedly awaited my blend to be created I simply couldn’t come up with a name. All I could think about is it reminded me of a fragrant walk with a constant breeze that lifted my own scent and blended it with the surroundings. A woman in the class that took on the challenged of naming our blends spoke with me for a few and I told her about this fragrant walk and that my dad is from the Caribbean. That sent her off into her own zone and she returned with the name, Mustique.

My journey to Mustique will be one I never forget. Sue was a wonderful. Her expertise complemented her genuine desire to help participants realize the magic of creating their own perfume. If you ever have an opportunity to do such I thing, I highly recommend it.