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Seen Designs New York Playboy

Men's scent
For years graffiti was considered a heinous act of vandalism committed by youth who had nothing better to do with their time. For me, it was act of “wow.” I was always amazed at the colors and how precise some of the murals were. I marveled at some of the places they managed to tag as well. I, too, wanted to go on the subway tracks, but was too afraid. Continue reading


Bleu de Chanel

For sometime now, I’ve been writing an essay in my head. It deals with pop culture’s latest obsession, manly men. The themes are everywhere, from the runways to AMC’s Mad Men. Some have even speculated that the recession could be a culprit. The New York Times Sunday Styles article, “From Boys To Men” is a good read on the topic. Continue reading

04 Petrana by Odin

Paul Birardi and Eddy Chai, co-owners of Odin New York, and Larry Paul and Kelly Kovack of Purpose Built have once again partnered for the release of 04 Petrana. It continues the unisex theme of the three fragrances previously launched as well as identical packaging, kudos to them for that. I love when packaging begs to be displayed.

While the first three fragrances in Odin’s collection, 01 Nomad, 02 Owari and 03 Century were inspired by the mountains of the Himalayas, 04 Petrana takes its cue from the desert of Jordan. And like the vast swings in temperature in the desert, 04 Petrana runs from a cool, sweet and spicy opening to a warm and earthy dry down that pleasantly reveals a bit of leather. My initial reactions had me asking myself is it to sweet and feminine but I was also drawn to the contrast of the peppery notes. The two playing together, sometimes fighting each other makes it irresistible.

04 Petrana’s top notes include purple cassis, pink pepper, and herbaceous coriander. Its middle notes comprise black iris, violet leaf absolute and garden heliotrope. The base notes include wild orris, earthy vetiver and white musk.

Retail price $110 for 3/4 fl oz.


Republic of Men by Banana Republic


If you’re in the media business, September is one of THE most important months of the year. TV show’s premiere, magazines go all out and cosmetic companies launch new products. If you’re a fragrance lover, it can be quite an exciting time as well.

A new fragrance worth checking out is Banana Republic’s Republic of Men. It is the embodiment of sophisticated masculinity. Sparkling clementine mingles with wet plum and dewy fig leaf. A modern aromatic ensemble of sambac, rosemary, basil, sage and freshly crushed hazlenut comprises the scent’s inviting heart, while the lasting signature of the fragrance lies in unique bottom notes of fresh sandalwood, cedarwood and creamy skin musks.

Republic of Men Eau Toilette is $45 (1.7fl. oz/50ml). I love the size. It’s a definite “must have” for your fall gym bag. You can find this gem exclusively at Banana Republic stores nationwide beginning September 2009.