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Good Read…Men’s Health Grooming Awards

For men’s magazines, March and September are big issues. It’s usually when you’ll see the most fashion coverage and they distill seasonal trends. Its a must read if you like to be in the know about that sort of stuff. I, however, look forward to the June issue of Men’s Health as it’s when they conduct their annual Grooming Awards.

Each year, Men’s Health consults a panel of grooming and fragrance aficionados to seek out the best products in myriad categories. What you’re left with is an excellent list products worthy of your consideration.

For the past few years, Brian Boye has asked me to contribute to the fragrance category and I look forward to it. Where else are you going to get all of these products in one issue? This year, he sought out my opinion on how much fragrance one should apply, in addition to other topics, and I’m quoted in the issue.

The June issue is on newsstands now. Pick it up. It’s a good one.


Nautica Pure

A while back, Nautica sent me a bottle of Nautica Pure, as it was one of its fall releases. When I finally got around to testing it, I thought it was ok. I wasn’t blown away but it contained some subtle nuances I liked. That same evening, to my surprise, my wife said, “you smell good. Very manly.” She doesn’t usually comment on the scents I’m wearing and that’s ok. But I had to take this opportunity to jump all over that adjective, manly. She said I smelled like I work with my hands, but in a good way. By this time, the scent was probably approaching its middle to bottom notes, which are warmer than its top notes. Continue reading