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Mo’ Better Beards (or ‘stache)

Here we are, the middle of November or known to some of us as Movember. Guys all over the world have taken a vacation from shaving as part of their pledge to raise money for prostate cancer and other male cancer charities. It’s a brilliant cause and by now many of you are sporting hefty stubble, whether it be a moustache or beard. The question is; how are you taking care of it?

I’m sure you’re enjoying the extra time you’re saving every morning by not having to shave; it can be a chore at times. But wearing your facial hair as a badge of pride this month comes with responsibility. Just like the hair on our heads, your ‘stache or beard will attract the dirt and grim of the day and while you maybe saying I take care of that when I wash my face, it isn’t enough. The hair on our face is often courser than on our head and when it starts itching, because it most certainly will, there’s a few remedies that will offer relief and keep you well groomed.

If I present a bunch of options here, some of you may be turned off. You’re enjoying the freed up time and don’t want to think of a bunch of grooming products for this cause. If that’s you, let me introduce you to Imperial Barber’s Glycerin Shave/Face Soap. Developed by actual barbers, it’s dual-purpose keeps the juggling act in check. Good enough to rid your face of dirt and grim, it’s use of vitamin E will also do wonders for your facial hair. Lather up; work it into your stache and beard and rinse. That’s step 1.

To keep your hair soft with a slight sheen that continues your groomed theme, I offer you beard oil. Portland General Store is offering a trio of moisturizing oils for $75. Made with hempseed and marula oils and coming in ginger, vetiver and whisky scents, this trio will moisturize, soften and keep your whiskers nicely scented. That’s a winning trifecta.

Boom – two steps for a mo’ better beard (or ‘stacheb).


Kiehl’s x Kenny Scharf Holiday Collaboration

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed the change that has occurred at retail. It went from summer to Christmas and every year it seems like it’s happening earlier. Well, no matter how you feel about that, your favorite apothecary Kiehl’s has a holiday promotion you should pay attention too.

Kiehl’s has tapped New York Pop artist, Kenny Scharf to redesign the packaging on its popular Crème de Corps collection. This promotion is part of their annual holiday tradition with philanthropic ties. 100% of the worldwide net profits or up to $200,000 will be donated to children’s charities. According to a press release in support of this promotion, “In the U.S., proceeds will support RXart a non-profit national organization, committed to fostering artistic expression and awareness through the challenging, yet rewarding task of engaging young patients through contemporary art in pediatric hospitals. RxArt is dedicated to placing original fine art in patient, procedure and examination rooms of healthcare facilities, for the engagement and comfort of patients.”

The Creme de Corps collection with Kenny Scharf’s designs are available now on Kiehls.com.

Racer Shave Cream by Portland General Store

When I was a youngster, I remember seeing soap commercials for Irish Spring, which featured hairy-chest man working up a good lather. I even remember my father working up a good one before he shaved. If it lathered, it must be doing something, right? As I got older and could afford to pay attention to my grooming regimen one of the first questions I asked was about how it lathered. The takeaway from these moments was that it is all about the lather, or so I thought. Continue reading

Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm

Growing up the son of working class parents, I remember having occasion items. When Easter rolled around, it was time to get a suit because, if my mother had anything to do with it, we were surely going to church . When we came home from school, the first thing we had to do was change out of our school clothes. I even had a trench coat for church and funerals. This was a function of economics with a dash of reverence.

As I look back and smile about those days, I couldn’t help thinking about that the first time I tried Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm. The ease at which it applied to my face and was absorbed by my skin, it didn’t even feel like it was there. it felt to good for everyday use but as I continued using it, even on days when I wasn’t shaving, I knew I found just what I needed for the summer. Something light, bright and just right.

The heat of the summer can surely make you not want to put anything on your skin, and that’s the worst thing you can do for yourself. What you want to do is shift from heavier moisturizers and creams to ones that are lightweight. Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm is just that. Your skin will also absorb it quickly, hence the feeling that it’s not there. With high concentrations of aloe, myrtle, witch hazel, willow bark, kendi nut, carrot seed and birch sap, it has served me well thus far this summer.

100% natural and 82% organic, 2.5 oz size retails for $36. You can find it at Ursa Major Men and select retailers.

A sample of Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm was sent to me but my views are all my own.

Cremo Cream Face Wash

Give a guy a face wash and he’ll more than likely make a quick judgment based on how it lathers. If it produces visible foam, it must be doing something right. That was the quick and simple judgment I made when I tried Cremo Cream’s Face Wash. Continue reading

Portland General Store’s Hunting Camp Deep Exfoliating Soap

For many guys, certain aspects of the daily grooming regimen can be a burden. Anything falling out of the basics, the three “S’s” is frowned upon. And most are still averse to the idea of body wash. It’s looked upon as girly and real men use bars of soap. Well, if that’s how you see it, allow me to introduce to you, the Portland General Store’s Hunting Camp Deep Exfoliating SoapContinue reading

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D 1250XCC

As a young man, my father always told me never put a straight razor on my face. He said it would make the hair grow back faster and thicker. Myth or not, I never did put one on my face until my first professional shave at Martial Vivot. It was the closest shave I ever experienced. Continue reading