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A Fresh Find for In-Between Weather

As the temperature falls, the fragrance industry loves to push spicier scents. This is because they convey a warm feeling that makes you feel good. But I say, not so fast. Either summer is extending itself, fall is delaying its beginning or there’s something to this global warming thing. In this instance you need something that compliments this in-between weather. Something equal parts crisp as it is warm and fuzzy, that my friends would be Fresh’s Patchouli Pure.

I discovered this great find a few weeks ago while browsing around Union Square on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My lady and I stumbled into Fresh and all hell broke lose. (If you go by there, ask for Jacob and he’ll take good care of you) What I like about Patchouli Pure is that it possesses a vibrancy you usually find in summer scents but it warms nicely on your skin. Top notes, middle notes, and bottom notes aside, it possess a woody texture for all you “can you recommend something woody” types. However, this modern interpretation presents another masculine scent that doesn’t beat you over the head in a “mustang” kind of way. I’m just glad they bought it back after its two year hiatus. Maybe one day soon, they’ll reintroduce my all time favorite, Sandalwood Vert.

An Armor Of Confidence

Since I’ve committed to writing about my love for men’s fragrances, I’ve been asked what’s my favorite scent. And each time that happens I’m stumped. I just cannot name one. I mean, I’ve purchased many bottles of cologne in my day. Some I have loved and some I now loathe. But as I look back on my purchases, one in particular stands out. It is only one of two that I’ve repeatedly purchased and I guess that’s as good of a barometer as any. Sure having women tell me how great I smell wouldn’t hurt but I genuinely love how Michael Kors smells…so how did I get to writing about this…

The other day I was preparing for a meeting where I was making a presentation and I knew this was my shot at making an impression for the brand I represent. Sometimes you only get one shot and you’ve got to make it count. So many little things can get in the way and I knew that from jump, that first impression was going to make a difference. I had to communicate confidence and class. The way I dressed was crucial. But as I stood in front of my dresser and asked myself how did i want to smell, “I’m here” and “I mean business” came to mind. With that, Michael Kors was the perfect complement.

We hear that certain suits or certain colors connote power. Well let me advocate this about Michael Kors – It’s serious without being overbearing. It’s masculine with out being a mustang. Simply put, its wears like an armor of confidence.