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Cuirs by Carner Barcelona

A few months back, I mentioned one of the standout fragrances I discovered at the Elements Showcase was Carner Barcelona’s Cuirs. It’s spicy, virile and unmistakably masculine. Continue reading


Vert 9 – Au Natural


Have you ever heard of Therapeutate? I hadn’t until fairly recently. Founded by Rodney Hughes, Theraputate is a manufacturer of Essential Oils and Parfum au Natural. They use raw materials that are pure and certified organic and their goal is to develop and market personal care products that are more than objects of fashion. They are also free of chemicals and other adulterations commonly found in most fragrances and their products also aid in the support of small farmers and manufacturers around the globe who are interested in bringing quality products to market.

One of my favorite fragrances from their collection is Vert 9. For a scent that is
very masculine and earthy, it’s also very bright and energetic. It opens very grassy and refreshing and over time after nestling into the skin becomes woody. Rodney says when he created it, he wanted to capture a true earth feeling. Some of the developing notes include galbanum, citrus, cardamom and a layering of woods.

I find myself wearing Vert 9 on the weekends, which is when I can finally take a break from the craziness I experienced during the week and often, leaves me rundown. It’s very clarifying and uplifting and I love how grounded it makes me feel while enhancing my natural aura. For that reason, its been receiving heavy rotation and will continue to do so throughout the spring and summer.

Vert 9 by Therapeutate – .5 oz $27.50


FragrantMoments x Givenchy…something novel

I am having fun in Paris. There’s a saying, “when in Rome do as the Roman’s do,” and with that, I had to stop off at Sephora for France is where it began back in 1969. I was curious to see if they carried anything over here that couldn’t be found at home. For the most part, they had just about everything. Mathew McConaughey was being well promoted for his endorsement of Dolce & Gabana’s The One and the music pumped just as loud. What I was surprised to see was Serge Luten…that did bring a smile to my face. I am currently wearing Santal Blanc and am loving it.

As I perused the men’s section and was picked off by a sales attendant, he began telling me of a Givenchy promotion. Apparently for their 50th anniversary, they re-released their original men’s scents in France only. (Ok…now we’re getting somewhere.) On top of that, with the purchase of any Givenchy product, you could have your bottle engraved. As cheesy as that may sound, it was enough for me to jump. I picked Vetyver…masculine in its own right, its subtly sophisticated. I will admit, the promotion took it over the top. I engraved my bottle with none other than Fragrant Moments. I’m not sure if this will be making its way to the states, you know sales people will tell you just about anything to get you to make that purchase. However, a few of the original re-releases can be found online at Sephora.