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An Unforgettable Experience at Martial Vivot compliments of Caron Paris

As a young man growing up, I longed for the day I could be like my dad and shave. He did it. He was (and still is) my hero. And it would mean I’m a man too. But before I even had peach fuzz, dad told me, “never put a razor on our face.” His reasoning, the hair would grow back quicker and thicker. That said, for years I avoided straight shaves. Instead, I would use an Andis Outliner II, which my barbers used to line me up and would finish me off by giving me a shave with it as well. And years later, I started using an electric shaver dad gave me, a Remington MicroScreen 2 for a closer finish. Both do the trick just fine. That is until my wife kept saying, “babe you missed a few hairs” and “I wish you’d get rid of that thing (the Remington) and get something else. In my head I always reply, “This baby works just fine.” But when an opportunity to experience my first straight shave came my way, care of Caron Paris, I decided to give it a try. Continue reading