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Good Read…

Last summer in New York City was brutal. I often felt I needed another shower shortly after taking one. That’s why in anticipation of what may be another scorcher, this “Orange Blossoms” article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal particularly interested me. Most, if not all, summer scents are citrus based and their fresh, vibrant appeal softly kiss the skin to complement the harsh heat. It’s one of the reasons why Nautica’s Pure became a favorite of mine. Anyhow, give this article a read and get out there and test a few. You just might find your summer savior.


Good Read…

The March issues of your favorite men’s magazines are on newsstands now. Each possesses great style tips but the fragrance coverage was thin, for my taste. The cover of Esquire’s UK edition dared me to pick it up and I’m glad I did. Not only was the fashion on point, but it featured scents from Heeley, Oranges and Lemons Say The Bells of St Clements, Jo Malone, Earl Grey and Cucumber, and a rising fav of mine, Diptyque’s 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. This issue is worth the import price. Continue reading

Jo Malone Tea Fragrance Blends

Ask any American man what his fragrance preferences are and most will say I like fresh, clean scents. If that sounds like you, then this is something to look forward to. Continue reading

iPerfumer by Givaudan

When I was speaking with Chad Murawczyk of Min New York, one of the things I told him I admired about his store was its openness and how it was refreshing given the fragrance industries close door policy and the snootiness of retailers. I truly feel social media has begun tearing these walls down and consumers are becoming more educated about their preferences. It is for this reason I’m excited about the launch of Givaudan’s iPerfumer.

So how does it work? Users, down load the app and are run through a series of questions ranging from gender, age, geographic location, etc and then rate their favorite fragrance families, Oriental, Chypre, Citrus, Woody, Floral, and Fougere.

I’m curious who will download this app more, men or women. Women have no problems sampling but guys still seem to have issue with walking into stores and openly spraying themselves or engaging anyone from the sale staff without being nudged. Perhaps this will change that.

For a first hand review of iPerfumer, check out Harry Sheff over at Cocktails & Cologne.


Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Scrub Provides Recovery Relief

I usually post once a week but this deserved a midweek mention.

These are hectic times we’re experiencing and last night I was stressed out. I decided to take a long shower before President Obama’s address. I wanted to be relaxed and refreshed for the occasion. While in there I decided to take part in my newest obsession, Jo Malone’s Vitamin E Body Scrub. This is one of the best body scrubs I’ve ever used. Its silky luxurious texture is quite deceiving. I have never felt anything like it. I’m used to scrubs feeling abrasive. But this feels like lotion on initial touch. Once you apply to your skin the salt particles reveal themselves. And this scent is heavenly. It’s a natural, earthy fragrance that really relaxes you.

Gents, if you’re not into this sort of stuff, get into it. My lady loves how it smells on me. Better yet, buy it for her and try a little on the sneak and see her reaction. Oh, before I go, it’s packed with all sorts of good stuff to, vitamin E, antioxidants, yada, yada, yada. Most import though, it is awesome.