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Travel Essentials

I recently took a trip to the beautiful island of St. Thomas for a conference. In preparing for the journey, I decided I didn’t want to check my luggage and that presented all sorts of challenges. There’s the thoughts of what to wear when complicated temperature difference. And then there’s the cosmetic issue. For some guys, that’s the least of their problems. But when you like to smell good, you appreciate companies that can accommodate the TSA’s travel restrictions. On this particular trip, I took with me Atelier Cologne’s Bois Blonds and Aroma M’s Geisha Green. Both served me well. They have lasting power, and are quite versatile. Continue reading


Keep It Clean And Crisp with Purell


I am not a germ-a-phobe but with all the H1N1 talk swirling around, sanitizing my hands is a simple preventative measure I can surely undertake. This past weekend, my lady surprised me with this bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer and my first question was, “what scent is it.” Even in my groggy state (they love talking to you while you’re still half asleep) I could see it wasn’t the usual bottle. Crisp Apple is what she bought and its great. Honestly though, anything but the antiseptic smell will do but the quick pick me up jolt of this does the trick nicely.

If you have a chance, stop by Purell’s site and educate yourself on just what constitutes hand hygiene. It’s the little things that make all the difference gents.