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Amazon Enters Men’s Grooming Category

Amazon Mens Grooming StoreIf there was ever a sign that the men’s grooming category is on fire, consider this: Amazon just launched a curated section on its site with the purpose of making it easier for you to get the products you need. The Men’s Grooming Store carries a wide selection of men’s brands such as Baxter of California, Nivea for Men, Dove Men+Care, Norelco and Gillette to name a few.

You maybe asking yourself what makes the Men’s Grooming Store so different from logging onto Amazon.com and typing in any brand you’re interested in? Within this dedicated shop, users have access to how-to guides and tips and tricks from experts, etc. I’d say that’s a nice added benefit. Who knows, maybe you’ll read some of my tips there sooner or later. (A blogger could dream, right?)

Men tend to surf the web quickly and this new store makes it easy for us to jump around and get to the point. Searchable categories include skincare, haircare, shaving, oral care, bodycare and kits & gift sets. I think you’ll appreciate that. One thing I’d like to see is more of the little guys getting space on there but it’s early and I’m an optimist. In the interim, finding some of your beloved brands just got a little easier.