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This screams Possibility

I remember the first time I came across this ad, I was thumbing through one of the men’s magazines (I forget which one) and when I hit the page my first reaction was simply “wow.” I just stared at the page. I wonder what the average “stare time” is. It came as no surprise that while hanging out after work on Friday, the topic of fragrance came up, Mr. Ford was mentioned and his sexually charged ad campaigns were thoroughly discussed. The general sentiment was they are simply “off the meter.” As for his scents, props were given to his private blends and they were thought to be better than his mass marketed scents. I can attest to that. My first reaction to Tom Ford was I expected more. However, if you removed his name from that bottle and showed a series of fragrance ads, this would win hands down. I look at some of these ads and I just don’t get it. I’m left in a daze asking myself is this the best we can do. NO daze or guessing here.
Is it the sweat, the heat causing it, or the …. I could go on and on, you fill in the blanks but it makes a statement that screams possibility. Honorable mention to the Dolce & Gabana ad (you know which one I’m talking about). A friend said to me, “you know how you guys react to a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, he’s our Victoria’s Secret.”