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Good read…

Ever since my interview with David Hart, where he referenced his use of fragrances as a technique to improve his studying in school, I’ve been quite intrigued. It’s not so much that I didn’t know of this relationship before, but you become used to reading this sort of thing in an academic setting. But here it is, right here with and ordinary individual I met on the street. That solidified for me the unique relationship we each hold with our noses. For years I’ve been told mine is extra sensitive…that usually came when I asked others if they could smell this or that and their response is usually no. I never thought anything of it until now.

I came across this article today in the New York Times Science section and I just had to post it. Not only did it explain our emotional connection to scent but it also laid out perfectly as an addendum to David’s interview. To boot, the article sites what I like to call a fragrant moment. It said, “Importantly, the olfactory cortex is embedded within the brain’s limbic system and amygdala, where emotions are born and emotional memories stored. That’s why smells, feelings and memories become so easily and intimately entangled, and why the simple act of washing dishes recently made Dr. Herz’s cousin break down and cry. “The smell of the dish soap reminded her of her grandmother,” said Dr. Herz, author of “The Scent of Desire.” Dr. Herz is a well-respected expert on the psychology of smell.

It’s all coming together now. Check the article out for yourself, The Nose, an Emotional Time Machine