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Ecko by Marc Ecko


Many years ago, the mid 90’s to be exact, I had the fortune of meeting Marc Ecko at the back of one of the many delis on either 7th Avenue or Broadway in the garment district in Manhattan. My business partner at the time and I were discussing possibly working with Ecko in a PR capacity and I remember him as a cool cat with plans…big ones. We never did work with them but what has unfolded since has been well documented and he was calling it back then. This fall another part of Marc Ecko’s master plan unfolds as he brings to market his first fragrance, Ecko by Marc Ecko.

Priced at $65 for a 3.4 fl oz Eau de Toilette, the new scent will be available at select department stores and Marc Ecko boutiques October 1st. ¬†With notes of Iced Ginger, Liquid Lighting (I’m very intrigued by this one), Wild Artemisia, Violet Leaves, Static Accord (again, intrigued) White Incense and Energized Musk to name a few, it’s being billed as a scent for the man ready to defy convention, intrigued with exploring new boundaries, and open to a world of unlimited possibilities.

I have not yet received my sample but am excited about this and supporting it because I’ve always appreciated Marc’s “go for it” spirit from a far. He’s come a long way from painting tees in Jerz (New Jersey) and his story is simpling inspiring. As he stated in WWD, “My story is really an American dream, made from scratch, made from nothing but a dollar and a dream. My consumer knows my story and that’s why I wanted the smell to feel invigorating, bright and alert.”

In stores October 1st. Sample it, evaluate it, add it to your collection!