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Dove Men Care Expert Shave Cream

Dove Men Care Expert Shave Cream


Now that we’re in the thick of summer, shaving can be a real chore…umm add to that grooming in general. While we’re taking off layers of clothing, the last thing we want to do is put on extra lotions, etc. I recently gave Dove Men Care Expert Shave Smoothing Shave Cream a test run and out the gate, it felt incredibly light against my skin – a win for the brutal summer months.

The Dove Men Care Expert Shave Cream is a partnership between Dove and leading barbers and dermatologists. It’s been formulated to give shavers adequate moisture, protect the skin and provide a smooth glide. Sound familiar, you bet. Does it deliver, indeed it does.

The first thing that caught my attention about the shave cream was it’s scent. It’s beautifully masculine without being being overly bravado. It smells like you’d want to smell all day. Next, the cream does produce a very good lather but it felt more foamy rather than creamy. I like a good lather and with just a tap into the shave cream, you can work up a good one. The more I worked it in, the frothier it became. The best part, and I suspect most men will appreciate this, it didn’t weigh down my face; it barely felt like it was there. In the summer time, that’s a beautiful thing.

On some occasions while testing the shave cream, I felt like it could have produced more glide. Some of the best shave creams I’ve used, after the first pass, while there maybe little visible shave cream left on my face, what remains is a slick enough surface that allows my razor to glide with ease. That’s usually when I run my hand cross grain to find spots I missed. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. You can always reapply more shave cream with what’s left over on your badger brush and doing so with this shave cream gave me the extra glide needed for subsequent passes.

Overall, the shave cream performs well. Even with its scent, which could be an issue for some, my face never felt dry.The collaborators also know a thing or two about packaging. My wife commented that it looks high end. It’s very well done.

Dove Men Care Expert Shave Cream – 150ML – $21.99


Amazon Enters Men’s Grooming Category

Amazon Mens Grooming StoreIf there was ever a sign that the men’s grooming category is on fire, consider this: Amazon just launched a curated section on its site with the purpose of making it easier for you to get the products you need. The Men’s Grooming Store carries a wide selection of men’s brands such as Baxter of California, Nivea for Men, Dove Men+Care, Norelco and Gillette to name a few.

You maybe asking yourself what makes the Men’s Grooming Store so different from logging onto Amazon.com and typing in any brand you’re interested in? Within this dedicated shop, users have access to how-to guides and tips and tricks from experts, etc. I’d say that’s a nice added benefit. Who knows, maybe you’ll read some of my tips there sooner or later. (A blogger could dream, right?)

Men tend to surf the web quickly and this new store makes it easy for us to jump around and get to the point. Searchable categories include skincare, haircare, shaving, oral care, bodycare and kits & gift sets. I think you’ll appreciate that. One thing I’d like to see is more of the little guys getting space on there but it’s early and I’m an optimist. In the interim, finding some of your beloved brands just got a little easier.

Dove’s Journey To Comfort Continues

It’s Gus Johnson’s time of year again, otherwise known as March Madness. And once again, you’ll notice Dove’s Journey To Comfort commercials. I’ve seen a few of these already and it’s nice to see them continuing the campaign this year. You may remember last year’s ads, which featured Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III and former Duke point guard Bobby Hurley. Continue reading