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Good Read…

Do you change your scents with the seasons? I do but I’ve read articles where others are not advocates of doing such a thing. For me, my nose is sensitive enough to pick up the heavy notes, which bloom once my body temperature rises, and that’s typical in the summer. So, in essence, my decision to change, starts with me and that’s enough. I came across a good article about such a thing and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy.


Meet Garrett Pike

When I received my first straight shave at Martial Vivot Salon I met Garrett Pike. While he attended to me, we had a pleasant chat where I learned he was a fragrance enthusiast. We exchanged thoughts on different scents and he even turned me on to a few I hadn’t yet sampled. What struck me about GP was he quiet confidence. He knows his craft and his attention to detail makes you feel you’re in good hands. When I met him recently for a chat, he dropped a bomb on me but more on that when he’s ready. Continue reading