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Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser by Nest Fragrances

Moroccan Amber Diffuser by Nest Fragrances

I generally scent my home with candles and will occasionally use room sprays. Reed diffusers have never really been my thing; in particular because the one time I gave in and bought one, if I was lucky to catch the scent, it was because the wind happened to be blowing on that side of the room. After that experience, I wanted nothing to do with them. All of that changed, however, when Nest Fragrances contacted me about the launch of their newest collection. Continue reading


John Bartlett Holiday 2008 Collection


If there was ever a time we fill our homes with fragrances of warmth, its the
holidays. Whether its the smell of various dishes simultaneously cooking to make the
stomach growl or the fresh pine scent from the tree or wreath, it tells a fragrant tale that comforts, envelopes the mind and soul and helps us escape our present reality to feel fuzzy and warm.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing the new John Bartlett Holiday 2008 Collection. Created in conjunction with the expertise of fragrance curator Eileen Harcourt, the collection includes a wonderful selection of candles and incense that reflects the comfort, joy and spirituality that scent brings to the season. As I entertained family and friends I chose to burn Theobrama which means food of the Gods. With a blend of chocolate, orange, vetiver and patchouli, it was a perfectly sophisticated welcoming atmosphere.

These are not your ordinary holiday scents that major retailers put out after Thanksgiving or after Halloween these days. They’re much more updated to reflect our growing global perspective. If you’re looking for a great gift or you’re into entertaining and every single detail matters or you enjoy the mood scent can create in your home, this is definitely a collection worth looking into and the prices are extremely friendly.

Travel Candle Trio – $45 for set
Glass Candle – $45
Incense – $15 each tube

John Bartlett – 143 Seventh Avenue South @ Charles Street – 212-633-6867