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Dolce & Gabbana Intenso

Dolce & Gabbana Intenso


I can’t remember the last time a fragrance by a mass brand REALLY caught my attention. While that may sound snooty, the reality is I find most them unimaginative because they’re all the same.

While working on a fragrance and grooming project, I came across the recently launched Dolce & Gabbana Intenso and haven’t been able to stop wearing it since.

Many years ago before I got into the blogging thing, there were a handful of fragrances I wore on a regular basis and Dole & Gabbana Pour Homme was one of them. Upon first sniff of Intenso, I was instantly taken back. While they have similar characteristics, they are very different.

For Intenso, it’s all about elegance and you get that right from the packaging. The box has a velvet feel and the dark bottle with brownish gold lettering definitely carries this thought all the way through. You really don’t expect the scent to open as light as it does from the usage of dark rich colors but it’s really fresh and clean. I find that this freshness lasts quite a while. As it dries down, however, the tobacco and woody notes begin to take shape and that’s when it truly becomes impressive. The way the scent juxtaposes the freshness and warmth is really nice. I’m a big fan of tobacco and wish it was a bit more present to cut some of the scents sweetness but I can live with it.

Intenso is an eau de parfum so it’s longevity is very good. Its last selling point, which I find equally as important, is its sillage. Intenso isn’t as intense as its name would have you imagine. Its presence is just strong enough to capture the right curiosity so don’t go and over spray or that curiosity will turn you into “that guy.”

Oh, by the way, Collin Farrell is the face behind Intenso. That’s cool and all but its the juice that seals the deal.


Cote d’Amour by L’Artisan

cote d'amour

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the beach quite a bit. I have yet to get there this summer but around this time last year I had the most amazing vacation in Bermuda where I visited arguably one of the best beaches in the world, Horse Shoe Beach. Memories of the pink sand, hot sun, cool breeze and blue water were enough to make me envious of my girl TDC who just returned from there. That got me thinking of the time I played hookie while in college. I went with the flow, went with the young lady that coaxed me into going and I didn’t have a care in the world. I so lived in the now. The air was crisp, it was clean, and most of all it was as much sweet as it was salty. How I wish I could do that now and not worry about my crackberry. Memories such as these were recalled as I was testing the recently launched fragrance by L’Artisan, Cote d’Amour.

Developed by Celine Ellena, Cote d’Amour is a 100% organic eau de tiolette which carries the Cosmebio label, certified by Ecocert. Its inspiration was a trip along the Loire Atlantique coast where the senses are delighted by a soft caress of sea air and sand, of scents of golden yellow gorse, heather and broom and a sensual mixture of soft resin and floatwood.

Of all the beachy/aquatic scents I’ve come across, this one possesses a salty note that really brings it to life and for that reason sets it a part from the rest of the pack. In about two weeks, I’m escaping for a little vacation and have been thinking what fragrance should I take with me. My decision has been made.

Cote d’Amour is available in an 8.4 oz Eau de Toilette for $155. Also available is a Natural Nourishing Cream, 1.7 oz for $50 and a Natural Soothing Soap, 3.4 oz for $$35.