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Good Read…

With the Kardashian clan releasing yet another fragrance, the topic of celebrity fumes has been in the news lately. For the record, I’m not a fan of celebrities expanding into perfume; although they are cash cows, so what do I know. I, however, feel like the back-stories are weak. But I’ve got to give it to Kate Walsh and the release of her scent, Boyfriend. She appeared on the Rachel Ray a few weeks ago and it happened to be on in the background when she was discussing its launch and her story stopped me dead in my tracks. It was genuine and original. Check her out on the show here…she starts talking about the fragrance around 3:10. One of my perfumista homies, Ashleigh also conducted an interview with her. Check it out here. On the other side of the spectrum, but still taking cues from the celebrity craze, Joel Stein created his own scent and wrote about it in Time. It’s pretty funny. Continue reading