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SNL Spoofs Brad Pitt’s Chanel N° 5 Ad

After hearing about Brad Pitt appearing in Chanel N° 5 ads, I was curious to see what they would come up with. Once I finally saw the ad, I knew it would only be a matter of time before Saturday Night Live spoofed it. Last night Bruno Mars appeared on the show and SNL actor, Taran Killam went to town in a series of ads that mock the campaign. Enjoy.

Smell Like Bond…James Bond

I remember watching my first James Bond film with my brother and father. I ooh and ahh’d at Bond’s charisma and charm, his ability to get the girl and his slick wardrobe, of course. As entertaining as it was then and has been over the years, I never thought about how Bond smelled…until now. Continue reading

Odin Launches Newest Scent 08 Seylon

Since 2009, the beloved brand Odin has built a solid collection of fragrances. Fans of the brand will be pleased to know this growing collection has a new offering in stores now. 08 Seylon is the latest unisex fragrance and it aims to give consumers a new understanding of vetiver. Continue reading

A Fragrant Night Out at Osswald

Another Fashion’s Night Out has come and gone and in my own tradition, my night had a fragrant twist. With so many events happening, I decided to take the prudent approach and choose wisely. I went to one event. Continue reading

Here’s a look at our five day forecast

I was recently asked to participate in a fun assignment for Lifestyle Mirror. They wanted me to suggest a scent based on what the weather would be for a particular day. I thought to myself, “I love this one.” The twist though, the site caters to women. Could I pull it off? Whenever I walk into a store, I’m all about finding the men’s section and seeing what’s being offered to us. Nevertheless, what I ended up suggesting was a new scent by Atelier Cologne called Rose Anonyme. It is simply fantastic and the best part, it can be worn by either men or women. Continue reading

Le Labo’s Paris City Exclusive Vanille 44 Available For One Month


A few years ago, I had the fortune of visiting Paris for the first time. When I begun planning my to-do list, I knew a trip to the hip boutique Colette was a must. At that time, it was the only place anyone could get their hands on Le Labo’s Vanille 44. After Labo’s Rose 31 made me a fan for life, the thought of snagging something I couldn’t get in NYC was thrilling. I don’t collect sneakers or much else, so this is my participation in the collector’s fanaticism thing.  Continue reading

Febreze and The Power of Scent

Over the last few months, I’ve been researching the power of scent, specifically as it relates to scent marketing. It’s a burgeoning field that fascinates me. Prior to beginning that journey, I realized my own awareness about the sense of smell but the studies I discovered gave me clarity.  A part of my study included executive interviews with perfumers and marketers within the scent marketing industry and that added a fascinating layer to my discovery. In one interview, a perfumer talked about a Febreze commercial and how it really illustrated how powerful scent can be. If you need any more evidence of that, watch this short video:

If you allow yourself to get past the thoughts of that’s not real, it’s pretty incredible how much our sense of smell can tell us about our surroundings.

Dove’s Journey To Comfort Continues

It’s Gus Johnson’s time of year again, otherwise known as March Madness. And once again, you’ll notice Dove’s Journey To Comfort commercials. I’ve seen a few of these already and it’s nice to see them continuing the campaign this year. You may remember last year’s ads, which featured Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III and former Duke point guard Bobby Hurley. Continue reading

Sample Sale Alert

The men’s apothecary, Min New York is having a sample sale. Here is your chance to purchase some amazing fragrances at a fraction of their original cost. If you’re walking around NYC this weekend, stop in and give your nose a treat.

Details: 20% off storewide + further reduced items at 30-70% off
117 Crosby Street between Houston and Prince
Sat. 11AM – 7PM and Sun. Noon – 6PM


Fiat’s Super Bowl Seduction Commercial – The Axe Effect

As this commercial unfolded, I was sure it was going to be another over the top Axe commercial. The way she grabbed his tie, the aggression, the sexuality, it all carried Axe’s trademark. Then it turned into a Fiat commercial. For me it was one of the better ones and the Axe effect was pretty clear.