Fragrant Moments is one man’s musings about men’s cologne and other fragrant products. The primary purpose is to help men find new and interesting fragrances that are just “off the beaten path.” I’m not a critic…there’s enough blogs our there for that. As I discover new things, I write about them. One thing I’ve discovered is men are quite opinionated about their fragrance habits. As I engage in those type conversations, if someone has something interesting to say, I’ll profile them.

Check in with us on Monday’s. If you like what you read, fee free to post a comment.

Please send press releases and all product inquiries to barney@fragrantmoments.net


Barney A. Bishop


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  1. Hi!
    I love this blog…….can’t wait to hear more rants on fragrances for my man….this is a great tool. you have interesting things to say and bring up great memories and some type of fantasy when you think of fragrance, which is what it is all about. looking forward to more….great job….keep writing……
    stylishly yours,

  2. Nicely done. I’ll keep coming back for more olfactory delights. Scent memory is powerful, so evocative. Your musings on sweaty smells reminded me of when I completely lost my sense of smell a few years ago, but thankfully it gradually came back. I remember the day it full-on returned. I sitting outside and no scents registered until some guys who been playing ball–driving hard walked by me and then it hit… SWEAT! Earthy, pungent, funky, playing all-day in the summer sun perspiration. The aroma was like a gift from God. “Funk”! I squealed, “I remember that.”

  3. Hey Barney,
    …are you saving my Fragrant Moments moment for another moment in time?
    Otherwise keep it up. Love the blog!

  4. Hey Barney,

    How have u been?

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop with your interesting weekly bogs, and you are inspiring me to be more consistent with mine.

  5. hi Barney,
    I’m the publicist that works for Harry Slatkin, founder of Slatkin & Co and President of Limited Brands, Home Design. Let me know if you would like to interview him on how he develops scents, best scents for spring, how to find your signature scent, his favorite scents, candles he has made for Elton John & Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, etc. He’s won FiFi fragrance awards and will be honored by the American Perfumers Society in May.

  6. Cool Site!!!!

  7. Just found your blog – very interesting; I’ll keep reading (I gotta support fellow Brooklynites!) Your review of Bond’s Brooklyn is interesting; I didn’t mind the graffiti bottle (Hey, I remember the subways in the 70s and it’s nostalgic). Still need to try the scent!

  8. Hello,

    great blog!!!
    would love to send you a sample of my perfume and I am currently creating a new one. I am awaiting spikenard from kulu as it is being distilled as i write this in the mountains there.
    I have a great one with aged mysore sandlewood that is not even avaliable on the market unless it is sinthetic, it has been aged 7 years along with oud, this is a wood from Lous and is very rare. and palo santos a wood. If you would like to be the first to smell this and comment on it I would send it to you for your comment. also keep in mi
    nd it is in a solid form. most perfumes were made like this until the 14th century.

    Melissa lee

  9. Greetings Barney,

    Eileen from E Harcourts Fragrances pointed me in your direction.

    I’m interested in learning more about the creation of fragrance. I’m looking for seminars or classes about fragrance. I’ve read every book I can get my hands on – Chandler Burr & Luca Turin are 2 favorite authors.

    Do you or anyone out there know of any way to learn more about the creation of fragrance? I’m coming at this at a total novice. So please forgive me if I’m missing someone obvious.

    Eileen also thought I might be able to give my input from a Miami Beach perspective. So I’ll put that out there for what it’s worth.

    Thanks for creating this totally fascinating blog. I’m hooked!


  10. This is surely one of the most fascinating, well written blogs about perfume I have come across. I live in New York and am very interested in becoming a perfumer, and it’s delightful to read about perfumes and perfumers in and around New York.

    Keep up the lovely work! You can add me to your faithful reader list.


  11. Just stumbled across this blog and love it. Excellent reviews and certainly a must read for guys needing to keep up to date on todays fragrances.

  12. Devoted to this blog and wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

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