Crown Shaving Co. Supreme Glide Preshave Formula


When it comes to shaving, I find that the more patient I am, the better the experience. When I’m rushing and cutting corners, often times I suffer the consequences, e.g. I nick myself.

Preparation is everything and to do it well, you need time. I have found, however, the right preshave solution can make all the difference in the world and even speed up the process a bit.

Crown Shaving Co.’s Supreme Glide Pre Shave Formula is not your typical shaving oil; it’s not heavy and overly greasy. It’s a clear colored solution that’s gel-like in texture. With a combination of essential oils and botanical extracts, what  results in a rather light solution that produces a slick surface for a smooth shave.

I’ve used it with their shaving cream and others and the results are pretty consistent – a smooth, irritation free shave and a face that feels great. What sets it a part from more traditional preshave oils is that moment when the shave is done. With other shave oils I’ve used in the past, I have to wash my face several times to rid it of the let over oil. Crown Shaving Co.’s Supreme Glide Preshave Formula leaves no residue and washes away very quickly. As for the glide of the razor, it holds up well and is comparable to any of the leading preshave oils on the market.

If you’re looking for a preshave solution that will coat your face while giving your razor that extra glide, I think you’ll be happy with this product.


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