Old Spice Body Spray

Old Spice Re-fresh Swagger Body Spray FM

When I first learned about body sprays, I only saw them in the women’s section of stores. The scents were extremely girly and not very sophisticated. In retrospect, perhaps I was frowning on them too much. They are an affordable deodorizing option meant for a younger audience. Then it got crazy with the overspraying as options for men were introduced. I remember watching an episode of the Jersey Shore and I swear I started coughing the longer one of the guys sprayed himself.

I was recently contacted about Old Spice’s new body spray and their scent responsibly campaign. Given the backlash body sprays have taken, the fact that I’ve been a fan of their commercials and a few of their scents I’ve really liked, I was intrigued and had to learn more. As their press release explains it, they’re using “proprietary Re-fresh Technology that features a patented cyclic molecule with an empty core that absorbs some fragrance as the Body Spray dries on the skin. As a guy sweats, fragrance is pushed out of the core releasing bursts of scent when a guy needs it the most.” Whether you believe that or not, I moved forward with my testing but I had to make sure I didn’t overspray myself so I employed the 1 Mississippi rule.

When I was younger, we played football in the street. When cars wanted to pass, we stopped the game and resumed when they went by. The playing field was between the manhole covers and parked cars were out of bounds. We couldn’t rush the quarterback before 10 Mississippi and the pass rusher counted out loud, 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi and so on. As I thought about testing this collection of body sprays, it dawned on me that if this technology was all it was cracked up to be, a 1 Mississippi spray of the scent is all I would need and I was right.

These scents rush out of the can with a powerful burst. I actually thought maybe I sprayed longer than I was supposed to so I repeated the test another day saying 1 Mississippi out loud and the result was the same. The scent lasted a very long time and I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly shocked. From that short of a spray, my scent lasted easily 6-7 hours.

I applaud Old Spice for their scent responsibly campaign. I hope those of you that read this employ the 1 Mississippi rule. If that doesn’t work for you, Old Spice has a great video with their own set of rules that maybe more up your alley. Whatever you do gents, stop overspraying. No one wants to be “that guy.”

We’ve all oversprayed at one point in our life and I’d like to hear about your not so fragrant moment. Ladies, if he doesn’t tell us, you are welcome to tell us for him. Share one story in the comment section and one lucky winner will win a collection of the Old Spice Body Sprays along with a few other goodies. This contest will end at 11:59pm March 5th.

This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed, however, are completely my own based on my experience.


8 responses to “Old Spice Body Spray

  1. Kinda hilarious you when back to your childhood to find something relatedable. I remember playing street football, too. As for oversprayer, I had a cousin who whenever he went out, he sprayed way to much of Stetson Cologne. Whenever I smell it, he comes to mind.

  2. I still laugh at this moment…..I once had an oil in an atomizer which is more concentrated then a cologne. I had put some of the fragrance on earlier but went and ate some seafood. I was going to hear a jazz band on the waterfront later so when I decided to attend the concert I sprayed myself again because I thought I smelled like seafood! Well as I walked on the broadwalk a nice breeze hit me and this lady a few feet away said “WHO JUST PUT ON A BOTTLE OF COLOGNE”. I laughed to myself as I tried to distance myself from the crowd.

  3. Great body spray, but people need to know when enough is enough even with body sprays XD

  4. Overspraying is the worst – especially when you’re stuck in the subway for an hour with someone guilty of doing it at 7am!

    • That’s when a scarf comes in handy Robert.

      • And maybe a dust mask — I’ve actually *tasted* people’s perfumes on the subway. And nothing beats the airline flight attendant who wore enough of the funky YSL cologne Kouros that I could almost see a vapor trail. I like Kouros (alas, my wife does not), but it’s not something anyone who works in a confined space ought to be allowed to overspray.

        I happen to have a sensitive nose and skin that doesn’t easily absord fragrance so overspray is something I fear. I used to spray and walk through, but I started to notice our carpeting smelled like a wacky mix of about a dozen different drydowns (actually sort of pleasant, just not great for a baby to crawl on). So now I spray my cologne on a tissue and dab where I want to smell — usually wrists and chest.

  5. All three frangrances; Swagger, Bearglove, and Fiji smelll soooo damn good. Fiji is really a panty dropper, amazing notes!

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