Lucky Tiger’s Liquid Shave Cream


If there’s one thing about my grooming regimen I enjoy it’s shaving. A lot of guys dread it and I did at one time as well. When I changed my thinking and realized this is me time, it became an enjoyable part of my day. Add to that the joy of discovering new products and I’m a happy camper.

I recently discovered Lucky Tiger’s Liquid Shave Cream and I wrote about it in a guest review for Enjoy.


2 responses to “Lucky Tiger’s Liquid Shave Cream

  1. I’ve been looking for a really good new shave product for my husband– this stuff sounds awesome! Have you tried Aveda Men shaving cream? That’s the other one I was considering. Unfortunately, Aveda is discontinue-happy and his favorite aftershave has been discontinued.
    Thanks for posting this!

    • I really like using my badger brush but there are those mornings where I need to speed things up. This liquid shave cream allows me to do that without compromising my face in the form of cuts. The bonus is that it also builds a great lather with a brush. I think your husband will like it Carrie. I’ll look into Aveda’s shave cream.

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