Old Spice Giveaway

Old Spice Scented Bar Soaps

In my last post, I reviewed Old Spice’s new bar soap collection. In addition to liking the product, I also mentioned how I felt about their commercials. Well, the good folks at Old Spice are sponsoring this post and have given me some really cool prizes for a giveaway.  This is the first time we’re doing such a thing so we’re going to keep it simple. To enter the contest:

leave a comment below letting me know if you’ve tried the product or your feelings about the brand

For an additional entry:

follow me on twitter @fragrantmoments and share the contest using the hashtag  #smellitforward (leave a comment below to let me know you did so)

One winner, chosen with the help of random.org, will win Old Spice Bar Soap (Fiji, Pure Sport and Swagger), Old Spice towel, a shower radio ($200.00 value), and a manly shower curtain. Good luck gents.

The contest is open to U.S. residents only and closes Friday July 5, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be announced on Fragrant Moments and via twitter.

This contest is now over. Congratulations to the winner Chester Eugene Williams.


20 responses to “Old Spice Giveaway

  1. My pops used to use Old Spice and I never thought I would but I am now.

  2. One thing with OLD SPICE…..you can’t go wrong with something that has been proven to last and last and Last!!!!

  3. Can’t beat the Old Spice tradition. Looking forward to getting my hands on some of these soaps.

  4. Picked these up after your last post in the Pure Sport scent and they’re awesome.

  5. I’ve been looking for Old Spice soap, but haven’t been able to find it yet. I’ve always loved Old Spice- my daughter says it smells “like dad,” which is good enough for me because I think it smells like MY dad. I think it’s just a traditional piece of Americana that triggers a lot of connections in a person’s mind when they encounter it. I’m a writer, and I’m working on a comic novel set in the 1940s. I wrote that one of the male characters smells like Old Spice even when he doesn’t have any on! He’s been using it so long, it got into his pores and comes out with his sweat!

  6. I used old spice as a kid – my first deoderant. I stopped and now I mostly smell it on older men. I appreciate the longevity of the brand, but it’s relevance is dubious in my social set.

  7. I have not had the opportunity to smell the soap, yet. However, the commercials are AWESOME!!!! I’m 39, and remember OS from my youth. I remember as a child thinking that the bottle was interesting because I’d never before seen that type of opening on a bottled product. I enjoyed the scent then, but moved on to other products as I got older. The commercials are the reason I’ve had interest in the product, lately, but I just haven’t gotten around to picking it up.

  8. I bought some of these because of your review and it was a home run. Hubby really likes the soaps. He made it a point to tell me so. I guess everything old is new again. Who would have thought we’d all be talking about Old Spice?

  9. Old Spice: early morning Christmases with Nat King Cole on the stereo and the present marked to Daddy from Santa. Old Spice: 1st slow dance at the 7th grade mixer with a boy named Kevin who smelled familiar but felt strange. Old Spice: The pillow case I couldn’t wash until he got back from Iraq, the 1st and 2nd times. Old Spice.

  10. I am a 3rd generation Old Spice user. I will be trying the soap and hope they will start making it in the Original Scent too.

  11. I remembered when I was kid, I would watch the Old Spice commercial and my mouth would water. The bottle looked so creamy that I wanted to buy the bottle and drink it (I know gross, but I was a kid) lol. I love the original smell of Old Spice. It had confidence and gentleman all over it. Now with the new commercials of half dressed men, old spice is the way to go!

  12. Of course… the whistle is the memory. It was a calling card for clean living and the attraction of that young woman with a great smile. The ‘man in the know’ then tosses me and my brothers the bottle, and then we start whistling. Eric J. Henderson

  13. Old Spice has it all now. I love that I can use each Pure Sport, Fiji, and Swagger for different occasions and they fit just right. Pure Sport, well obviously for working out and smelling fresh at the gym. Fiji for smelling fresh at the beach. Swagger for smelling nice for the ladies in any situation. My whole family: both my older brothers and father use them just the same, so we know and trust how good Old Spice is and the bars are better because sometimes sensitive skin can’t handle the deodorant sticks.

  14. My husband loves old spice, and I love it too, smells great

  15. Old Spice- “if you grandfather didn’t wear it, you wouldn’t have been born”

  16. I haven’t tried it but I will

  17. I don’t like old spice. Has the scent changed? Cheap and too strong a scent like a substitute teacher or my dad.

  18. Old Spice appears to be on a youth movement. My dad used it. I don’t, but my kids love it (and Axe)

  19. Truth be told that I have picked up Old Spice when my product runs out and I love the long-lasting smell. But aside from the product, I teach PR to undergraduates and find that my lesson on branding always ends with a conversation about Old Spice – its a brand that has lasted through the generations and college kids LOVE. Props to a brand for its longevity and stellar product!

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