Olfactive Studio – The Eye and The Nose


In August of 2012, while at the Elements Showcase, I discovered Olfactive Studio. If you attended the show, it would’ve been hard not to as they were the buzz of the show. Everyone I spoke with mentioned them as a must see and I’m glad I did.

Celine Verleure, the brand’s founder and creator greeted me with open arms. As she explained the concept behind the brand, I was in awe. The love affair continued as I sampled each of the scents in the collection. It was hard to pick a favorite and just when I thought I had one, I recently sampled the collection’s newest scent Flashback and I’ve found myself at odds all over again.

Celine was recently in New York and held an event at Art Opening to debut the U.S. launch of Olfactive Studio, which will be available at both Aedes de Venustas and Bergdorf. We met for a chat at the Standard Hotel and we talked about her journey to this point. For the first installment of “In Their Words,” Celine discusses the concept behind Olfactive Studio.

An eau de parfum of 3.4 oz will go for $195 at Aedes.


9 responses to “Olfactive Studio – The Eye and The Nose

  1. I’m curious. Which one did you think was your favorite before you tried Flashback?

  2. Great post, Barney! Mind if I quote from your interview with Céline?

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  4. lookinig forward to more interviews.

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