The Procrastinators Holiday Gift Guide


It’s the weekend before Christmas and somehow there’s still some shopping left to do. You probably dismissed things like this, figuring you had it all covered and here you are. Procrastination runs deep through your veins and now you have no choice but to get in line. As awful as that sounds, the look on his face when you present him with any of these will, as usual, make it all worthwhile. For my fellow NYC procrastinators…
(From L to R)

Montale’s Santalwood – The unexpected is often times the best surprise. Santal Wood is lighter than its name would imply. It opens airy and light and ends with a sultry dry down. Its definitely office friendly and could easily become his new go to scent. Min New York, 117 Crosby Street 212-206-6366

Blind Barber x Joya Tompkins Scented Candle – Inspired by the smell of a barbershop with notes of honey, smoke, leather and lavender this collaboration by Joya and Blind Barber will be right up any guys alley. It reads man beautifully. Blind Barber, 339 E 10th Street, 212-228-2123

The 4-Hour Chef – When I grew up, I watched my pops get into the kitchen and handle his business. While he had a few staples he could cook with his eyes close, he had no problems turning to a cookbook. The 4 Hour Chef is a New York Times bestseller and for good reason. Packed with lots of useful information, it’s not your ordinary collection of recipes. Pick up a copy and change up your order in routine. Barnes & Noble

Nike Fuel Band – Summer BBQs + fall hibernation + Thanksgiving + countless holiday parties means he’s packed on a few. He’s still cute but he’s probably going to get back into the gym once the New Year rolls around. Give him something else to consider other than reps., besides; what guy doesn’t like techy gifts. Niketown 6 East 57th Street 212-891-6453

New York Shaving Company Ultimate Shave – Plain and simple, there’s nothing like a hot towel shave administered by a barber. He’ll feel brand new without feeling like he’s broken the guy code (whatever that is nowadays). New York Shaving Company, 146 E 49th St, 212-644-1888. You can also try the following establishments for superb shaves, Persons of Interest, FSC Barber, Martial Vivot and Blind Barber



4 responses to “The Procrastinators Holiday Gift Guide

  1. I had been wondering when someone would do a gift guide centered around me and my needs, rather than the people I’m buying for. 🙂 Procrastinators unite!

  2. Part of me wishes my hubby could cook something. Anything other than toast. Yet the thought of him in my kitchen messing with my good knives strikes terror in my heart. Maybe I’ll get that book for myself. Cookbooks and perfume are my addictions. Perhaps the candle would be a better option for him. I love the notes in it.
    Merry Christmas!

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