Mo’ Better Beards (or ‘stache)

Here we are, the middle of November or known to some of us as Movember. Guys all over the world have taken a vacation from shaving as part of their pledge to raise money for prostate cancer and other male cancer charities. It’s a brilliant cause and by now many of you are sporting hefty stubble, whether it be a moustache or beard. The question is; how are you taking care of it?

I’m sure you’re enjoying the extra time you’re saving every morning by not having to shave; it can be a chore at times. But wearing your facial hair as a badge of pride this month comes with responsibility. Just like the hair on our heads, your ‘stache or beard will attract the dirt and grim of the day and while you maybe saying I take care of that when I wash my face, it isn’t enough. The hair on our face is often courser than on our head and when it starts itching, because it most certainly will, there’s a few remedies that will offer relief and keep you well groomed.

If I present a bunch of options here, some of you may be turned off. You’re enjoying the freed up time and don’t want to think of a bunch of grooming products for this cause. If that’s you, let me introduce you to Imperial Barber’s Glycerin Shave/Face Soap. Developed by actual barbers, it’s dual-purpose keeps the juggling act in check. Good enough to rid your face of dirt and grim, it’s use of vitamin E will also do wonders for your facial hair. Lather up; work it into your stache and beard and rinse. That’s step 1.

To keep your hair soft with a slight sheen that continues your groomed theme, I offer you beard oil. Portland General Store is offering a trio of moisturizing oils for $75. Made with hempseed and marula oils and coming in ginger, vetiver and whisky scents, this trio will moisturize, soften and keep your whiskers nicely scented. That’s a winning trifecta.

Boom – two steps for a mo’ better beard (or ‘stacheb).


4 responses to “Mo’ Better Beards (or ‘stache)

  1. Hey sounds great and I am going to get with it and try this.

  2. Ron Slomowicz - Notable Scents

    I didn’t have the gumption to let it grow myself.. but I do always treat my dad to a hot barber shave on Black Friday.. its part of our bonding thing.

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