Real Men Love Fragrances

Do not check your browser, you’re seeing correctly. That is Elle magazine and that is Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover. Allow me to explain.

A few months ago, I was invited by Min New York to take part in a conversation with a group of fine gentlemen to discuss our passionate feelings about fragrances. Sporting a fresh haircut, I shared my experiences and bonded with a group now known as The Goodsmellas. In addition to myself, participants included Chad Murawczyk, owner of Min New York, Carlos Powell who runs a Facebook group called Peace Love & Perfume, YouTube Vloggers Eddie Libassi (Frunkinator) and Cody Sulaimana (Dracdoc), blogger Andrew Buck (Scentrist), and Rich Scardaville and Michael Devine. What resulted is a feature article in the November issue of Elle magazine. It’s very well written and sheds light on the fact that real men love fragrances.

In the early 2000’s if you paid attention to your grooming habits, you were dubbed a metrosexual. Everybody thought it was cute but in a backhanded way you were special and it only reinforced the thought that guys shouldn’t really put to much effort into looking good. I rocked it with honor as I wasn’t ashamed but deep down I knew it was ridiculous. Ever since I started Fragrant Moments, I’ve had countless conversations with men and it’s clear to me that real men love fragrances. From all walks of life, men have shared personal stories about their fragrance collections, grooming habits, etc. It’s not the sort of information that just comes out like, did you see that Knicks game. Guys aren’t built like that. Most often when they find out I’m a fragrance enthusiast, they open up. In a way, we do ourselves a disservice being this way because the more we share, the more we learn. The common thread, however, is men desire to look and feel good and are very into taking care of that sort of stuff.

If the lady in your life has a copy of Elle lying around, give this feature a read. The writer does a good job shedding light on the passions of real men and it features some of our all time favorite scents. You’ll see, our stories are similar to yours.


5 responses to “Real Men Love Fragrances

  1. Rushing out to the corner magazine stand to buy a copy of Elle….real men read Elle!

  2. And real women love real men who love fragrances. My hubby is almost embarrassed sometimes because he has what he considers a lot of scents. His collection pales in comparison to mine but he thinks it’s odd for a guy. I keep telling him there’s nothing wrong with smelling good and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. It’s sad that most guys think it’s not manly to care how you look or smell. I doubt he’d ever tell any of his buddies he has over a dozen bottles of scent or that he lets me wax his eyebrows.

  3. I am going to the library tomorrow to sneak a peek! I love fragrances and ain’t afraid to say it. Sitting here reading this article I am being teased by a sampler of Grand Neroli from Atelier. My new favorite!

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