A Fragrant Night Out at Osswald

Another Fashion’s Night Out has come and gone and in my own tradition, my night had a fragrant twist. With so many events happening, I decided to take the prudent approach and choose wisely. I went to one event.

Photo credit: Bailey Roberts

Osswald Parfumerie, which has been family owned and operated in Zurich, Switzerland for more than 90 years and recently opened here in New York in Soho, hosted a lovely, intimate event. In addition to flowing proseco, that was quite yummy, sampling and sniffing fragrances, and chatting up the friendly staff and beautiful people in attendance, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian made an appearance mingling with guests and autographing bottles from his collection. Msr. Kurkdjian was warm, charming and very chatty. As a fragonerd (term coined on twitter amongst fragrance enthusiasts), I could’ve talked to him all night. At moments when I thought we were hogging his time, he seemed perfectly at ease and just as eager to talk to us.

If you don’t know Kurkdjian’s collection, do yourself a favor and stop by Osswald. Pour le Matin and his Oud are strong contenders for my favorite. I remain noncommittal at this time, however, because every time I sniff another, things change.

Osswald boasts an impressive collection of fragrances, which include Clive Christian, Parfumerie Générale, Amouage, Arquiste, Six Scents, MDCI, Nasomatto and Profumum Roma to name a few. I’m sure I missed out on the madness uptown but my one and only event left me content.


8 responses to “A Fragrant Night Out at Osswald

  1. Sounds like a fragrant night out indeed. Looking forward to checking Osswald.

  2. What a great post. I was in your pocket all the way. What FUN! Francis Kurkdjian’s line sound divine!

  3. Sounds like an amazing event.. thank you for sharing with us. Are you going to the six scents event also?

    • Ron it was a great event. Low key and classy. The staff knows their stuff and most of all, they don’t shy away from samples. That’s key to me. As for the Six Scents event…I really want to go but it just so happens I’m going to a wedding, oddly enough, walking distance away. I might dip on the reception for a few to pass through. I’ll report back if I do.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful night, and how nice to hear that FK was pleasant to you!

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