3 No Fuss Scents You May Have Overlooked

Every now and then we need a go-to, no fuss cologne. When the guys gather up for some brews, an impromptu barbeque gathering develops or something as simple as your new neighbor rings your bell. The latter might be wishful thinking but you get the point. You don’t have to be dressed to the nines but you should at least smell good and sometimes you just want to grab a fragrance without thinking about it. For times like these, you want something relaxed and clean with no pretense. In simple terms, something that just works. 

Everything doesn’t have to be new. If you have something that works for you, stick with it. If you are, however, looking to add something to your collection, here are three suggestions that won’t break the bank and work great as summer heat begins to intensify.

 Thierry Mugler Cologne – Clean, fresh, and just jumped out the shower is how I would characterize Mugler’s Cologne. It’s off the beaten path and I would hazard to guess, a lot of your friends don’t have this one. Pick it up and set yourself apart from the pack. 4.1 fl. oz – $50.98

Kiehl’s Original Musk – If fragrance really isn’t your thing then this very well could change your mind. Kiehl’s Musk sits close to your skin and lasts all day long. When you forget it’s there, others won’t. Whenever I wear it, people notice, in odd but good ways. 3 or 4 drops is all you need. 1.7 fl. oz. – $42.50

 John Varvatos – Originally launched in 2004, its a masculine scent that hits all of the right buttons. Men’s scents tend to get to sporty in the summer in order to achieve that laid back appeal. What I love John Varvatos is that it maintains an air of sophistication while still delivering that chilled vibe. It’s a crowd pleaser that works either dressed up or down. 2.5 fl. oz – $60.00


4 responses to “3 No Fuss Scents You May Have Overlooked

  1. Perfect choices and accurate descriptions. I only wish more men wore these.

  2. Original Musk from Kiehls is really good – Forest Rain is another great one from them which is easy to wear. It kills me that they discontinued their Amber roll-on – amazing pricepoint for an incredible Amber scent.

    • Don’t you hate when they do that? I just found out Malin + Goetz discontinued Otto and I was devastated. Sometimes it’s the good ones that public sleep on forcing them to do that…

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