What Would They Wear

Every now and then during award show season, I peak at the red carpet shows just for the hell of it. Unfortunately, the guys are usually boring. There’s only so many ways to wear a tux. And yes some do it wrong. The woman on the other hand can be eye candy but if there’s a game on, that usually gets my attention.

I have wondered, however, what cologne the guys are wearing.  As weird at that might sound, think about it for a second before you crucify me. You’re dressed to the nines for this big occasion and that fragrant finishing detail is what??? It can’t be some ole’ run of the mill scent, at least not in my opinion. That said, here’s a fun post on what I think these five actors would wear.

Anthony Mackie - Photo Credit Fanshare.com

Anthony Mackie is one of my favorite actors. A few years back, I was fortunate enough to have lunch with him and he’s very down to earth. To me he’s an actor’s actor. He takes his craft seriously and he brings intensity to his roles.  I see him appreciating something complex and being into a perfumer’s perfumer like Liz Zorn. Rivertown road has so many layers to it. It changes and keeps you on your toes. Some women might say he’s so deep he’s sexy and that is what Rivertown road is to me. It’s so different that its wearer must be confident and that is what Mack exudes.

Mos Def - Photo Credit Antenna Magazine

Mos Def continues to amaze me. As a rap artist, his verses are prolific and he is building his acting chops nicely. His style is also impeccable. Raised in the  Brooklyn, New York, he knows a thing or two about fragrant oils. We practically came up at the same time and I know he’s worn his share of Egyptian Musk, etc.  I can totally see him wearing Aroma M’s Geisha Amber Rouge. Africa holds a special place in Mos’ heart and I can see him being intrigued by the scent’s inspiration, Morocco.

George Clooney - Photo Credit zoomers.ca

When you think Hollywood cool only a handful of names come to mind and on the top of my list is George Clooney. Most times I see him, he’s dressed well with a gorgeous woman next to him. And whatever the rumors are, they never seem to overshadow his persona. That said, he’s probably attending the after party’s after party. Inside that rundown motel off Sunset that you and I wouldn’t be caught dead at lies a swanky joint that only those in the know are frequenting. Hell, they’re still smoking inside and partaking in all sorts of fun debauchery. That calls for Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling. A dash of old school confidence and style, with some updated juniper berry sweetness and it’s the perfect complement to his timeless style.

Javier Bardem - Photo Credit bond23.net

Maybe it’s Javier Bardem’s Latin accent, his chiseled disheveled good looks or the thought that the combination of the two could actually make his living with two women like he did in Vicky Christina Barcelona a reality but this dude oozes IT. For him I see Cuirs by Carner Barcelona. It’s an extremely virile scent. It’s a crisp, weathered leather scent that’s packs bravado. I could totally that being his signature scent.

Ryan Gosling - Photo Credit andoroscar.blogspot.com

There was a moment when Ryan Gosling seemed like he was everywhere and for good reason – not only is he a good actor but also he can authentically pull off being a blue-collar badass as well as polished attorney. I thought he was the star of Blue Valentine. Anyhow, he’s another one that does it right on the red carpet but he really seems like a no fuss kind of dude. I see him being a Dior Homme fan. It’s an excellent no brainer scent and you know what, when it works, go with it.

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10 responses to “What Would They Wear

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  2. Thanks for a great list.

    Gosling wearing Dior Homme… hmm… you may be right. That’s an interesting combo, actually.

  3. Ooh, Great Post! I see the connections, although I can also see Mr. Clooney as an old school Creed man. All my musings on ” I wonder how he smells ? ” don’t feel nearly as singular. Thank you!

  4. I keep thinking there’s a George Clooney we never see. Could he be a Lynx, Canoe or, even more interestingly, a vintage L’Aimant wearer? Wouldn’t that be fun?

  5. Well done!

  6. I love the pairings, Barney.
    I think Ryan Gosling and Dior Homme is particularly inspired and Bardem must wear Cuirs, it’s perfect for him. 🙂

  7. MOS DEF! Sorry, didn’t mean to scream that, I just love him to bits.

    Your post reminds me of the recent commercials for some beard trimmer I’ve seen on tv, with Andre 3000 (one of my biggest crushes EVER), Adrien Brody and some other guy. I’ve wondered what you thought of the ads.

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