Cremo Cream Face Wash

Give a guy a face wash and he’ll more than likely make a quick judgment based on how it lathers. If it produces visible foam, it must be doing something right. That was the quick and simple judgment I made when I tried Cremo Cream’s Face Wash.

Using an amount equal to the size of a dime, I worked up a great lather and I was sold. After I tried it a few times, however, I noticed how my face felt and its appeal grew on me even more. I realized, how light its application is and it rinses off leaving my face feeling fresh and hydrated.

That simplicity carries itself over into the packaging, a clear bottle and red top. Don’t let that fool you though. While the ingredients are listing on the bottle, they go more into depth on their site. I can appreciate that and I think you will too.

Cremo Cream Face Wash 6 fl 0z – $6.99


One response to “Cremo Cream Face Wash

  1. Sounds simple enough – will have to give this a try.

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