Cuirs by Carner Barcelona

A few months back, I mentioned one of the standout fragrances I discovered at the Elements Showcase was Carner Barcelona’s Cuirs. It’s spicy, virile and unmistakably masculine. The cumin and saffron opening packs a mean punch and if you like leather scents, you’ll dig this one. The brands founder, Sara Carner, comes from a long line of leather artisans. If anyone would know leather, Sara would and there’s no mistaken the richness she went for with Cuirs. I take one whiff and the sound of crackling leather and smoke comes to mind.

For those of you who have yet to experience this beautiful scent, the time has come. The men’s apothecary on Crosby Street, NYC, MiN New York is carrying it and you should make it your business to get by there and sample it.

MiN New York – 117 Crosby Street


4 responses to “Cuirs by Carner Barcelona

  1. I like Cuirs, but I have trouble detecting the leather. To me, it’s almost like a softened Black Afgano: it’s got a little bit of a marijuana note to it to my nose. I remember asking Sara Carner what was in it and being surprised when there was no mentioned of anything weed-like. Is it just me?

    • That’s the beauty of the scent experience, in my opinion. I can see how it reminds you of Black Afgano but my nose really picks up the leather. As the temperature continues to drop, Cuirs will get more wear from me.

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