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I can never get a enough of men’s fashion. So when the New York Times Style Magazine focuses its attention on us, it’s even more of a reason to grab the Sunday paper. I got a sneak peak of the latest Style Magazine on Friday, via the TMagazine website, and was immediately grabbed by the cover, which features Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s a good read and definitely makes me long for cooler weather where the art of layering begins. As I flipped through the issue making a mental note of everything I wanted, I searched for fragrance editorial and bumped into Here Comes The Groom, a quick piece on grooming products. If you’re sporting a beard or hairdo that requires styling, give this a read. It’s just a listing of products so you’ll have to do further research on why each is worthy, but it’s a good start.


6 responses to “Good Read…

  1. i saw this yesterday & actually thought of you. figured you’d be all over it!

  2. Yeah, copping the Sunday Times that has the men’s spring & fall (but especially the fall) fashion magazine has been a ritual for me for over two decades! There are always a slew of gems to take away from the reading as well as the spreads.

    • Thanks for checking in Jerry. It’s been a while. We missed your insightful comments. As the owner of my local bodega once remarked about the Sunday Times, it’s a “big paper.” I appreciate its thickness, even moreso, when the style magazine focuses on men’s fashion. Even if I can’t afford a thing in there, I can still find some style cues.

  3. Always worth the wait…..thanks for reviewing B.!

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