When The Moment Calls For Being Still

As we batten down the hatches awaiting the arrival of hurricane Irene, I’m marveling at the cynics. There are a lot of people that believe the media attention is just hype. I remember sitting with my mouth open when I saw the pictures of Katrina. That said, I’d rather NYC be over prepared. You can never be fully prepared for mother nature but better to err on the side of caution.

I’ve gone to as many stores as possible to gather up the essentials, canned soup, crackers, water, chips (got to have those), cereal, etc. Both Target and Home Depot were out of flashlights by the time I got there but my wife’s quick thinking saved the day. She picked up some tap lights. I did, however, do the providing thing and came through with some D batteries.

My personal essentials list, which fell into place rather nicely, will keep my sanity in tack while I sit and wait. To keep the place smelling warm and homely, I’m burning the soon to be released Tahiti Vanille candle by Nest Fragrances. It’s enveloping the place in a nutty, rum and cinnamon scent that’s comforting. I’ve made a few trips to the store already and it greets me as I approach the door. That’s a nice welcome.

To level out the evening, I’ll be making a Tom Collins. I got the recipe from Gilt Groupe but remixed it a bit. Instead of its suggested gin, I substitute it with Breuckelen Gin, which is infused with juniper, ginger, rosemary, grapefruit and lemon peel and it takes this cocktail to another level. I have yet to try it any other way, but in case I need a back up, Bombay Sapphire is in the bar awaiting the call.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved Latin Jazz. WKCR used to have a show called the Latin Jazz Cruise and I’d sit there listening and writing down the names of groups that interested me. I’ve built a nice collection since then. I can’t quite remember how I bumped into Kenny Dorham’s Afro-Cuban but it is one of the goodies in my collection. The tempo is upbeat enough to keep the vibe lively and that’s what I want.

My September issue of GQ finally came and it’s thick. Aside from being chocked full of great spreads, I’m quite interested in reading what the pretty boy, Mark Sanchez, has to say. I’d like more consistency from the young fella and a Super bowl ring would be nice. In the interim, I guess we’ll have to put up with his sexy boy image.

This list works well for any moment that calls for being still. That said, adapt as you see fit but keeping four out of the five senses engaged is a good idea and will make the time fly by.

Be safe.


4 responses to “When The Moment Calls For Being Still

  1. Chickie Sullivan

    Great Blog!!!

    Next drink: SIDECARS!!! I’ve got a great recipe for you!

    That being said, stay safe and keep dry….

  2. Great way to weather any storm

  3. Ahh, very satisfying to read. I do the same things, but sans the hurricane. Thanks for sharing.

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