A Summertime Remedy for Stuffy Dwellings

In the summertime, to beat the heat, our windows are closed tight and air conditioners are on full blast. While that will keep you cool and the bugs out, the air inside your apartment or house can become stuffy. That’s exactly what I realized the other day and to give my place some umph, I decided to burn Nest Fragrances’ Moss & Mint candle. It blew me away how light and airy my mood and apartment became. That minty fresh scent presented a nice counterbalance to the heat and humidity. What was even more impressive is it lingered for a good time after I put it out. A nice quality in a well made candle in my opinion.

Obviously fresh air cures all but if opening that window means keeping the fly swatter handy and dealing with a bunch of itchy mosquito bites, I’ll choose to light a nice candle every now and then.

Moss & Mint is a part of Nest Fragrances’ Everyday Collection. 8.1 oz goes for $32 and will burn for approximately 50hrs. For information on where to buy, consult their website.


3 responses to “A Summertime Remedy for Stuffy Dwellings

  1. What a great idea! I would never have thought to burn a candle on a hot day. To me, candles=cold.

    We opened our windows one scorching night to let some air in. Unfortunately, one of windows doesn’t have a screen – moths everywhere! Our cats went bonkers chasing them, swatting and jumping. What a racket!

  2. It’s amazing what a nice smelling candle can do for the indoors, even in the summer.

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