Malin + Goetz Rum Hand Wash – A Simple Luxury

After a long day and you arrive home, what are you washing your hands with? Is it that small piece of soap left over from your showers you thought was just right? Perhaps the shower bar has double duties? Don’t fret, lots of guys fall into this boat. It’s a detail we don’t give much thought to. But consider this, friends come over and they need to wash their hands and that’s what you offer them? Better yet, don’t you deserve better?

A dear friend was in Portland, Oregon recently and stayed at the Ace Hotel. It was there she was introduced to Malin + Goetz’s Rum Hand Wash. She fell so in love with it, she couldn’t wait to wash her hands. But get this, people at some of the local spots would catch a whiff of the scent her hands emitted and they’d say you smell like the Ace Hotel. Knowing my love of scented products, she bought me back a bottle and now I am also in love with it.

Nowadays, washing our hands is incredibly important, especially with easily transmittable diseases like H1N1. And over washing can cause dryness. But Malin and Goetz’s Rum Hand Wash is, “blended to hydrate, rinsing free of residue without irritation, drying, or stripping; helping to reduce epidermal stress.” The best part, it smells great. That little detail sold me. It’s a simple luxury that I think I’m worth.

Thanks Manz. You rock.


2 responses to “Malin + Goetz Rum Hand Wash – A Simple Luxury

  1. Simple luxuries is what life is all about.

  2. So glad you loved it like I loved it. My new fav – just a little sniff and I’m in a better mood!

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