Field Notes From Paris by Ineke

Field Notes From Paris

A few years ago, I went to Paris for the first time and I recall thinking these people look good. Lapels flapped in the wind differently, stilettos were paired with everything differently, and even a drag from a cigarette was different. It all seemed sexier. Was it a figment of my imagination, perhaps? But the scenery didn’t help either.

When I visited the Elements Showcase here in New York a few weeks ago, I recalled these thoughts and many others when I discovered Field Notes From Paris by Ineke. Its perfumer, Ineke, was just delightful. As she took us through her collection, I was awed by how each detail was well thought-out. From the paper stock to the use of color and calligraphy, you could see her passion. Accompanying each fragrance is a line of poetry (it’s probably that of Ineke…she loves literature). For Field Notes of Paris it says, “Sweet scented Paris afternoons, Life measured out in coffee spoons.

This fragrance is charmingly confident. It poetically creates its own path and has left an indelible impression on me. It effervescently opens with coriander seed, orange flower and bergamot. The star in that combo is the coriander, which gives it such a bright punch. It’s also masculine but far from traditional. Its middle notes, which include tobacco flower and leaf, patchouli and cedar settles the sunny opening in the way a day can wear on us. The only thing is you opened yours on the right foot and now that scent is a beautiful mélange creating refinement, a fragrant detail setting you aside from the rest of the blokes. But wait, it gets better; it alluringly finishes with a leathery softness.

I’ve worn Field Notes From Paris a few times now and while it launched in 2009, I feel like I’m having an Esperanza Spaulding moment. Its so beautiful that I feel like I haven’t been on my game but I’m glad I’ve finally crossed its path. In a moment crowded with Oud and my own attraction to animalic scents, this discovery caught me off guard and I find that sexy.


14 responses to “Field Notes From Paris by Ineke

  1. Great review. Field Notes sounds gorgeous! You’ve given me that extra push I needed to try this line.
    I haven’t been to Paris, but have experienced the “everything seems sexier, different, interesting” right here in Canada in the beautiful city of Montreal. Perhaps I can experience that feeling again with a spritz of Field Notes from Paris!

  2. This is my favorite INeKe because it is the most “me” of the line. I think all of them are good and really should have more mass appeal than they do, but Field Notes is the one that I wear with the most confidence. The coriander is wonderful in this. Oh, and the cedar.
    The price is really good too. I think the packaging is lovely.

    • Victoria, I’m amazed at the collections follow through. Ineke has all of the details covered and I love that. As for the price, it’s a steal.

  3. from A-G , I believe there is a perfume for everyone. Field notes seems to really appeal to men, ineke mentioned. for me , I am “C’ , but “H’ is going to be HOT

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  8. I adore this perfume and lucky me I live only a few blocks away from Ineke here in San Francisco. I am hoping to run into her in a coffee shop just so I can say thank you for creating this amazinge scent. I loved your review. You put everything about this perfume in perfect perspective.

    • barneyabishop

      Lucky you. Ineke is so talented and she’s really sweet in person. I’m glad you liked the review.

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