Seen Designs New York Playboy

Men's scent
For years graffiti was considered a heinous act of vandalism committed by youth who had nothing better to do with their time. For me, it was act of “wow.” I was always amazed at the colors and how precise some of the murals were. I marveled at some of the places they managed to tag as well. I, too, wanted to go on the subway tracks, but was too afraid.

I was never a graf writer myself though. I had no skills. But one of the cats that got a lot of respect to was Seen. I remember seeing his name everywhere. And as I breezed through the press materials for the launch of Playboy’s new scent, New York Playboy, I was wowed again to find out he designed the bottle.

Playboy wanted to celebrate NYC’s original street style, or as I like to call it, pre-Giuliani grit when Time Square was known as “The Deuce,” and they collaborated with Seen to bring that alive on the fragrances packaging. The Playboy bunny never looked better…to me.

Props to Playboy.


2 responses to “Seen Designs New York Playboy

  1. I had no interest in this fragrance. It’s Playboy. But, I love that there is actually a story behind this. Love that they had a NYC graffiti artist tag the bottle.

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