Bleu de Chanel

For sometime now, I’ve been writing an essay in my head. It deals with pop culture’s latest obsession, manly men. The themes are everywhere, from the runways to AMC’s Mad Men. Some have even speculated that the recession could be a culprit. The New York Times Sunday Styles article, “From Boys To Men” is a good read on the topic.

My essay eventually takes a turn to fragrances and my sincere hope that this trend doesn’t lead to more “manly” scents. For the most part, those that put out “safe” scents are still doing so while others are still pushing the envelope. Bleu de Chanel sports a presence that is tapping into this trend.

A few weeks ago, I was rushing to get out of the house and just threw an outfit together. I was casual but still appropriate. The temperature was cool enough for me to experiment with Blue de Chanel, so I decided to give it a shot. After it settled in, I truly felt dressier. I’ve never felt that way about a fragrance but there was something about how it was drying down that elevated how I felt. Once I recognized this feeling, it really piqued my curiosity.

The more I wore Bleu de Chanel, the more I realized it was made for a man. From the way the bottle feels in your hand (nothing dainty about it), to its strong square edges, its bright opening and virile presence, Bleu de Chanel is cut from the “this is how a man is supposed to smell” cloth. While that doesn’t sit well with of the other critics out there, I like it and I suspect many men will too.

Bleu de Chanel is not a Magnum PI sort of scent. As it’s supporting press materials says, it’s “ a virile, new, woody aromatic fragrance for today’s modern man.” If the pundits, who are speculating that the return to masculinity is partly based on security, then the modern man can feel good about Bleu de Chanel. And for me, that is ok.



6 responses to “Bleu de Chanel

  1. Good, thoughful review, Barney.

    I’ve been meaning to get a sample of Bleu to give it a fair try, but I have to admit, I am among those who were not initially impressed with it. To me, it’s merely the marketable combination of a big brand, a trend in “blue” scents, and a fragrance that doesn’t stink. I’d rather see Chanel bring the old Pour Monsieur back to the U.S. and spend a lot of ad dollars on that instead; it smells better.

    But like I said, it deserves more than a spritz on a card at Bloomingdale’s. So maybe I’ll give it a try.

  2. Thanks Harry. On the one hand I can see where the critics are coming from but it just speaks to me in an honest way. I think it will do well and I’m sure a large part of that is Chanel’s heritage and they’ve earned that. I can’t wait until you’re review is available.

  3. Nice review.

    I just recently added a small bottle to my collection, more because it is a distinctive scent than because of raw appeal. It has no real negative in my opinion, but when you categorize it sensually rather than verbally by its notes, don’t you really think it stands alone? I can’t say so yet, but I think this scent may become a classic in time.

    Oh, by the way, the phrase is “PIQUED my curiosity…”; that word is spoken the same as “PEAKED”, but it has a different meaning as well as a different spelling.

  4. I think that it is interesting that that you have included so little description of the fragrance as part of your review.

    Interesting in the respect that this is completely accurate.
    Smelling chanel bleu does not offend, and I agree with the prediction that many men will like it. But like is not love.

    Love stems from something grabbing you- leaving you with some sort of impression. Leaving you with something to write… about.

    What prevents this likeable man-fragrance from melting into the faceless sea of other likeable man-fragrances?

    Not much.

  5. I’m loving the Chanel Bleu right now. I got a sniff of it at SAKS; yes I said sniff! I’m trying to convince my guy to wear something new but he’s still stuck the classic JPG…. Help me I’m dying over here of same scent syndrome. Come on guys help a sister out. For the holidays I think I’m going throw all of the JPG in the garbage and replace it with some new scents. What do you think?

  6. Sorry folks, but this smells very pedestrian to me – quite bland, especially having owned distinctive scents like Chanel pour Monsieur (1955), Antaeus and Egoiste Platinum (before it was reformulated). Bleu is fine for folks that just want something that won’ t offend, but there’s nothing in it that would spur me to make a purchase, or, for that matter, want to wear it more that once. I find more and more that I’m going vintage or niche because the mainstream juice just doesn’t have the flavor!

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