Samples Are Vital

I have long been an advocate of fragrance sampling and that was a key point I drove home for an interview I recently did for MR magazine. The article’s author, Harry Sheff (who also writes for Fragrant Moments on occasion) wanted my take on men’s specialty stores offering fragrances. I think many of them are missing the boat but the larger point I wanted to drive home was about sampling. I’m glad to see the owner of Eau d’Itale, Sebastian Alvarez Murena agrees with me.

Pick up a few samples gents and make educated fragrance decisions.



2 responses to “Samples Are Vital

  1. Jerry L. Farmer

    It never occurred to me that I could receive samples exclusively for testing! I normally get samples as a result of purchasing. Then again, as curious as I may be about so many different fragrances, I feel greedy for asking!

  2. I think that the stores that sell any fragrances should allow testing and it shouldn’t be ashamed for asking for one. After all, once you buy a fragrance, it will be you who wears it and you mus be satisfied with the scent.

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