Good Read…Mono.Kultur

I’m chalking this one up to the power of social media. A twitpal, @tddwlsn sent me a message alerting me to this issue of Mono.Kultur. As the magazine’s website describes itself, “mono.kultur deals with art and culture – or rather with the people who make them happen. In the foreground are music, film, and literature. And image. And architecture. And media. But behind them is a creative mind.” They take an entire issue and dedicate it to its subject. Very cool.

Issue #23 is dedicated to Sissel Tolaas, Norwegian scientist and artist who calls herself a professional provocateur. She is a fascinating woman that has an archive of over 6,730 scent molecules and is on an olfactory mission. What drew me to this issue, however, was the fact that Ms. Tolaas curated 12 different scents for this issue that have been printed into the page via a special technique called microencapsulation. After finding that out, I did a quick search, found it was available at Printed Matter and I now have it for my growing scent collection.

I’m enjoying the read and the passion Ms. Tolaas has for the scent. I’m having a difficult time deciphering the different scents but I won’t be deterred.

Kudos to Mono.Kultur for releasing this issue with Ms. Tolaas. It’s things like this that keep my passion for scent alive.


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