Meet Dennis Cahlo

It has been about a year or so since I reached out to Dennis Cahlo. I came across his blog and really liked what he was bringing to the blogosphere. Madetomeasureny is a style blog offering men great tips and advice on how to look great on a budget. How can you go wrong with that? I love that he offers looks of the day, talks about great finds like tweed blazers he’s found on eBay or takes his viewers through the redesign of his apartment. So often we such things in magazines and think we can’t do that sort of stuff ourselves. If Dennis can do it, why can’t you? Anyhow, meet Dennis Cahlo:

Where do you get your sense of style from?
My style is a culmination of everything I have seen through my years as a musician and my love of classic movies. Those two elements help me shape my own personal style greatly from suit cuts to watches. I tend to lean towards the slim 60’s look very much. There is something so clean about it that I cannot deny.

What made you start the blog?
I remember I was flipping through GQ one day and got really frustrated at the pricing of the pieces (I’d like to clarify that I really admire the work GQ puts out there). So I just took what I’ve learned about photography and started shooting my inexpensive clothing in the vein of GQ and Details with information of where to get them and how much they are. From that seed of an idea my own journey into menswear, fit, and measurements started and Made To Measure, NY started to take shape.

What’s the secret to finding clothing bargains?
While I don’t think there is a big secret, I think there is a good amount of research one has to put into to hunting down a bargain. It’s also good to do things like having measurements for your suits and shoes handy at all times in a notebook or on a card. If you do that it’s way easier to shop on places like E-bay and other online outlets. It’s also good not to focus so much on brand but rather on fit. Imparali tailors here in New York will make you a fully canvassed made to measure suit for about $500 at start with full on customization. Places like that are not hard to find if you really dig.

What’s your feelings about fragrance?
Fragrance is one of the essentials in any man’s wardrobe. I think it’s really necessary for a man to have AT LEAST two colognes in his arsenal: one for the day and one for the night.

What’s your earliest recollection of fragrance?
I remember my dad and grandfather always smelling great. My dad would pick me up and give me a hug before he would go to work and I can recall how great he smelled and looked after a proper grooming. He didn’t use very expensive colognes but I always get nostalgic when I smell British Sterling or Jovan Musk.

What fragrances are currently in your rotation?
I have six in my rotation at the moment: John Varvatos Artisan (for Spring/Summer), Dolce And Gabanna Light Blue, Banana Republic Classic, Clean Shower Fresh for Men, Curve Crush, and Demeter Pure Soap. Demeter you can find for $15 at Duane Reade and it smells just like you got out of the shower. It’s probably my favorite out of all of them.

How often do you go out looking for something new? What specifically do you look for?
I look for something new every 6 months or so. My next acquisition will be Yves St. Laurent Pour Homme. That is one of the best scents to wear with a Tux.

Have you ever purchased the same fragrance more than once? If so, what was it and what about it made it worthy of a repeat buy?
Dolce And Gabanna Light Blue is my more than once fragrance. I love its crisp notes and every time I put it on my fiancee loves to bury her head on my neck. It’s also the one that I get the most compliments on so I know it works with my natural body chemistry.

How would you finish this statement? “My most memorable fragrant moment would be…?
I was 18 years old and in the Big Bear Mountains of California. Due to jet lag I woke up way before the rest of my group and walked outside to greet the most amazing sunrise and smell of fresh mountain air I have ever experiences. I think that moment really influenced what I look for in a scent. I may even be trying to recreate it every time I look for one.



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